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As we get older, we should be able to continue doing the things we love and living life the way we want to.

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Recent articles

Grandparents cooking healthy food with grandchildren
January 12, 2023

Budget-friendly healthy eating for elderly people in 2023

Having a balanced and healthy diet is crucial but sometimes it can be challenging to maintain the perfect diet.

Ambulance strike
January 5, 2023

Important information & advice from Taking Care: Ambulance service strikes

With industrial action by ambulance workers planned during January, Taking Care have some important advice for customers.

Old person enjoying gardening with a wrist worn personal alarm
January 5, 2023

Seven inexpensive and easy hobbies for retirees

Retirement is the perfect time to take up new interests that help to keep the mind and body active.

Carer with elderly lady
January 4, 2023

The reality of paying for elderly care

When looking into care home costs or home assistance, the sums involved can be significant.

Where are the best places in the UK for older people to live?
January 2, 2023

Where are the best places in the UK for older people to live?

We’ve identified the best places for older people to live, based on cost, health and lifestyle factors.

Wife consoling husband with Dementia
December 19, 2022

Early signs of dementia checklist: What to look out for

We take a look at what are the early signs of Dementia that need to be spotted in elderly relatives and what you can do to help them.

Elderly person cooking a meal
December 14, 2022

Tips for helping with elderly loss of appetite

It’s common to experience elderly loss of appetite, but this can lead to health issues.

Elderly person being discharged from hospital
December 7, 2022

Planning home elderly care after the hospital

If your elderly loved one is being discharged from the hospital, read about these tips to arrange hospital care after they are discharged.

Tips to prevent falls
December 7, 2022

Falls Risk Assessment: Tips to prevent falls in elderly

Our Falls Risk Assessment Tool will help you understand if you are at risk of a fall and provide you with help and advice to keep you safer at home.

Elderly man online
December 6, 2022

Which scams are targeting the elderly?

We look at common and latest scams targeting the elderly and tips to avoid them.