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Night Owl - Supporting your Local Service

Night owl monitoring service

In our conversations with local authorities and housing associations, we often find a fondness for their current Technology Enabled Care (TEC) solution.

It’s often served the community well for many years and is valued by residents and their families.

We appreciate that history and can help sustain and support your service, without damaging its focus and compassionate values. 


Out of hours and peak time support 

During normal office hours you can continue to monitor your own calls, out of hours or in peak times you can use our “cloud-based” Emergency Resolution Centre. This allows you to provide a local service without the expense of running a 24/7 operation.

For your customer, Night Owl feels just like their local TEC service. For you, there’s no maintenance cost, and no investment in monitoring or disaster recovery. It is a secure and reliable way of managing your operating costs.

All our staff are DBS-checked and trained on the latest essentials. These include GDPR, health and safety and cyber security awareness. We can guarantee their expertise, saving you time and money in training your team and keeping their skills current. Note that our equipment is already digitally-ready and can deal with your users’ calls to an agreed protocol.

Using Night Owl can make your first steps to digital easy, affordable and efficient.


Benefits of Night Owl

  • No maintenance cost for the cloud-based service
  • Making migration to digital easy, affordable and efficient
  • No control centre investment
  • No disaster recovery investment
  • Secure, reliable and resilient
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Sustainability of a local service


When to use Night Owl

  • For overflow in busy periods, when it’s hard to arrange cover. Your customers will never miss a call for help as our qualified staff are there 24/7.
  • Support during staff absence. For times when your monitoring centre is unexpectedly under pressure – for example, if there’s a flu bug going around the team.
  • For dealing with disaster recovery. If you have a power outage or a technical headache, you can switch over to our team.


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