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Digital switchover resources and advice

Articles about digital switchover from Taking Care.

BT have announced that by 2025 all analogue phone lines will be replaced with digital ones.

Personal alarms support older adults to live independently and have traditionally relied on analogue phone lines. To ensure our personal alarm customers are supported during and after the switchover, we have tested our full product range in Openreach's laboratory with the leading telephone providers' networks. We also have digital personal alarms that do not rely on a phone line and are unaffected by the switchover.

Read our articles and guides to find out more about the digital switchover and what it means for personal alarms.

BT logo.

Taking Care personal alarms have been tested for compatibility with the new BT Digital Voice product.

Openreach were very pleased to host the Taking.Care team in the Digital Services Test Lab. We urge all Telecare Vendors to follow a similar path in testing, to ensure that their customers are guided through a smooth transition.

John Livermore
ALL IP Industry
Engagement Manager
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BT EE broadband router
November 16, 2022

Connecting your personal alarm to a broadband router or hub

How to connect your personal alarm to a BT/EE, TalkTalk or Sky broadband router after the digital switchover.

New alarm launched
September 1, 2022

We've launched our most resilient personal alarms to address the digital switchover

Find what makes our new alarms the most resilient digital personal alarms available.

Digital personal alarm testing
March 24, 2022

Taking.Care are the first personal alarm provider to complete testing ahead of the digital switchover

Taking.Care are the first personal alarm provider to complete full testing of their product range ahead of the digital switchover.

Analogue telephone landline
February 16, 2022

The analogue phone line switch off

Our Customer Service team have been explaining what the digital upgrade will mean for analogue phone lines.

Elderly man with digital personal alarm pendant
October 18, 2021

Choosing a digital-ready, no landline personal alarm

Not all personal alarms need a telephone landline. Prepare for the digital switchover with a digital personal alarm.

Personal alarm repair
September 16, 2021

Will my personal alarm still work after the digital telephone switchover?

Personal alarms that use a telephone landline may not work on the new digital system and some may need an adapter.

Telephone landline and personal alarm
September 8, 2021

How will the digital switchover affect my personal alarm?

Personal alarms that use a telephone landline may be affected. Find out how we can help you prepare for the switchover.