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Backed by the expertise of AXA Health

Backed by AXA Health

We benefit from the experience and heritage that comes from being part of the UK's leading private healthcare company.

We are able to offer services that other Technology Enabled Care (TEC) providers cannot, such as medical helplines staffed by qualified nurses and trained pharmacists, and we also have access to AXA Health's expertise.

AXA Health's services include well-being support, counselling, occupational health and rehabilitation and they are a leading provider of private medical insurance. Being part of AXA Health shows that we are a trusted and reputable Technology Enabled Care (TEC) provider.


About AXA Health

  •  AXA Health was founded in 1940 by doctors and hospitals working together and they are still shaped by clinicians today.
  • They have over 82 years experience of providing healthcare products and services. Their aim is to help people take control of their health, transform how people experience healthcare and access the best possible health services.
  • Over 10,000 AXA staff are employed in the UK, including clinicians and healthcare professionals. They protect the health of over 2 million people, ensuring customers get expert advice and treatment when they need it. 


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