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Are you or a loved one at risk of a fall?

Every 10 seconds, a loved one in the UK has a fall. Find out your risk score in 2 minutes.

These devices include automatic fall detection technology, so that an alert is raised in the event of a hard fall being detected. This means that even if the person that has fallen is hurt, or unable to move or speak, assistance can still be reached through the falling alarm system.

Choose a fall alert bracelet or pendant alarm system

Compare our falling alarms to find the right alarm for your circumstances. All alarms include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Digital Fall Alarm

Taking Care Anywhere

Digital Fall Alarm
Taking Care Anywhere alarm

£25.99 per month (£31.19 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

All the benefits of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection included.

£28.99 a month (£34.79 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

Location-aware personal alarm with fall detection that works at home and out-and-about.

This life-saving Digital Fall Alarm will automatically call our UK-based 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team if it detects the wearer has fallen and can also be used as an alarm pendant.

Taking Care Anywhere includes a location-aware GPS pendant with built-in fall detector, a backup pendant, alarm base unit and our 24-hour monitoring service.


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring

Works in the home and garden

Works anywhere in the UK

Pendant or wrist strap

Pendant, keyring or on belt

2-year battery charge

1-2 months battery charge

Speak through the base unit

Speak through the pendant or base unit

Detects falls

Detects falls

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

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Peace of mind with a falling alarm

For older adults living independently, especially if they live or regularly spend time alone, the idea that they might have a fall and not be able to get help if they are injured or can’t get up on their own, can be a real worry.

A falling alarm from TakingCare can offer real peace of mind to the individual, and their family and friends, that assistance will be available if they need it.

Falling alarms are designed to be worn all of the time, so they can’t be accidentally left behind if the wearer moves from room to room at home or into the garden. They don’t need to be picked up and carried around like a mobile phone, so will always be there if needed. They also have simple, one-button operation, which again can make them much easier to use in an emergency than a mobile phone.

Falling alarms include fall-detection technology, so can automatically raise an alert if the device detects the wearer has had a hard fall.

The reassurance that their falling alarm will be able to raise an alert even if the wearer can’t do so themselves after a fall, can bring real confidence to someone living independently, and their loved ones.

Falling alarm pendant worn by elderly lady

What features to look for in a falling alarm

There are different types of falling alarm, with various features that are designed for people who have different lifestyles and requirements of their alarm system.

For example, some older people may spend most of their time at home, so are looking for a falling alarm that works in the house or apartment and in whatever outside space they have. Others may have a very active lifestyle and want a falling alarm that works wherever they are, not just at home.

TakingCare provides different options when it comes to falling alarms so that you can find a system with the features you need. Some areas to consider are:

Falling alarms that auto-detect falls

Many people worry that if they, or an elderly loved one, were to have a fall when on their own, they might not be conscious or able to press the emergency button, especially if injured by the fall. This is where alarm systems with built-in automatic fall detection technology can be so useful.

Falling alarms from TakingCare will detect hard falls and raise an alert automatically, connecting to our Emergency Resolution Team, who monitor our alarms 24/7, every single day and night of the year. The team will try to speak to the alarm wearer through the system, and, if there is no response, emergency assistance can be arranged.

Older person with fall alarm around neck walking up stairs

How you want to wear your falling alarm

The most popular way to wear a falling alarm is as a pendant, around the neck. However, some people prefer to have another option, such as wearing it on the wrist, like a watch, as a fall alert bracelet. Other options could include wearing the alarm device on a belt or even a keyring.

Choosing an alarm that has the capability to be worn as you would like is important, so that you’re happy and comfortable wearing it all of the time and it’s right there on your person if it is ever needed.

Falling pendant charging

Battery life for your falling alarm

Depending on the features of the falling alarm that you choose, this can affect the battery life of the system. For example, a fall alarm that is designed to work at home and in the garden may have a longer battery life than one that contains GPS technology to track your location when out and about.

It’s very important that a falling alarm works when you need it to, so one that needs very frequent recharging or battery changes is unlikely to be practical for many older adults.

At TakingCare, our falling alarms either have a very long battery life (up to two years) or have a voice reminder when the battery needs recharging every 1-2 months, and a back-up alarm that can be worn when charging is required. This way, your falling alarm will always be ready if it is needed.

Falling alarm placed on charging unit

Whether you want your falling alarm to work outside of the home

If the wearer of the falling alarm is someone who likes to get out and about, whether that’s visiting local shops, seeing friends and family or spending time in nature, they will probably want an alarm system with built-in GPS capability. This means that their fall alarm device is location-aware and will send a GPS location if it detects the wearer has had a fall, notifying the Emergency Resolution Team exactly where they are.

For those who spend the majority of their time at home, a falling alarm designed to work in the home and garden could be a great option, and they are not paying for features that they are unlikely to use.

Elderly man wearing falling alarm pendant outdoors

Do you need a water-resistant falling alarm?

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas of the home for older people to experience a fall. Spilled water on the floor can be hazardous and slipping when getting in and out of the bath or shower can be a very real risk for the elderly, so having a fall alarm that is water-resistant can be a really useful.

TakingCare’s falling alarms can be worn even in the bathroom and shower, bringing greater peace of mind if you’re worried about the risk of falls in this type of setting.

Elderly person in bathroom

How falling alarms work

Falling alarms consist of sensors and a sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm is designed to balance sensitivity with practicality to avoid too many false alarms caused by everyday movement such as sitting down.

Like all falling alarms on the market, there are some types of falls that will not trigger a call from your TakingCare alarm. For this reason we always recommend pressing the button on the fall alarm pendant to call for help if possible.

How fall alarms work

Choosing the right fall alert bracelet or fall detection pendant

Once you know which features you’re looking for in a falling alarm, you can choose a product and build a package that is best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

Having a system like this in place can provide older people and their loved ones with real peace of mind, giving them confidence to live life to the full independently, for as long as possible. You can order online through our website at a time that is convenient for you.

Falling alarm package from TakingCare

30-day money back guarantee

If you’re still not sure about which product will be best for your circumstances, or you have questions about the products or service provided, you might wish to speak to a member of our friendly team for further advice.

You can ask any questions you have and also order on the phone by calling us on 0800 085 7371, Monday – Friday, 9am - 6pm.

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