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TEC healthcare solutions

TEC for healthcare

People in the UK are living longer and as a result many have complicated long-term health requirements.

This places increasing demand on healthcare services and health professionals. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) supports patients to live healthily and independently where they feel most comfortable - at home.

By providing round the clock monitoring, the most vulnerable and elderly can get help when they need it. This keeps them safe, reducing pressure on local health services such as GPs. When they do need hospital treatment, TEC provides the support they need to recover at home, reducing hospital discharge times.


TEC in the home

In-home care for patients

Personal alarms and monitored telecare devices alert our 24 hour monitoring centres when the patient presses their alarm button or an alert is automatically triggered. Depending on the patient's healthcare requirements, we can set-up devices to record a resident's daily activities, allowing us to see changes in their behaviour.

The in-home care solution can be personalised and devices added to provide more support as the patient's needs change.


Patient referrals

GPs and Occupational Therapists can improve outcomes and support for their patients by referring them to a TEC provider they recognise and trust. There is no waiting time or complicated referral process if you feel a patient would benefit from an in-home personal alarm or monitored telecare devices from us.

When you refer a patient or recommend a personal alarm, we'll quickly supply a monitored personal alarm and set-up and demonstrate the equipment too, if required.


Supporting GP surgeries and OTs

For many busy GPs and Occupational Therapists, supplying patients with information about TEC and personal alarms is a simple way to signpost them to the support they need.

We supply leaflets and brochures to surgeries and Occupational Therapists that explain to patients how a personal alarm and telecare can support their independence. 


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