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Free Lifetime
Equipment Warranty *
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Supporting Age UK's
charity work
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CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch

The Personal Alarm Watch keeps you connected to your loved ones and safe at home or on the go.

Includes GPS tracking and 24 hour monitoring for peace of mind and security.

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Over 70,000 happy customers. Read our Trustpilot logo reviews.

Personal alarm watch

The watch works as a personal alarm, GPS tracking device and heart rate monitor

Press the SOS button on your watch, any time of the day or night, if you need help or in an emergency

You can press the SOS button wherever you are to speak to our Emergency Resolution Centre

We'll call friends, family or the emergency services if you need further help

Stay active and independent

The Personal Alarm Watch is discreet and comfortable to wear and is designed to help keep you or a loved one safe while staying active and independent outside the home.

This clever watch has an SOS button, GPS tracking, geo-fencing and heart rate monitoring.

Press the SOS button on the side of the watch in any emergency to be quickly connected to our 24-hour Emergency Resolution Centre. We will speak to you via the watch and arrange help by alerting your friends, family or if needed, the emergency services. The built in GPS tracking enables us to locate you and view your location history.

The Personal Alarm Watch also allows you to make and receive phone calls and send voice messages from it, just like a mobile phone.

Your friends and family can view your GPS location, receive alerts if you step outside of a pre-set location, monitor your heart rate and receive health alerts all from an app downloaded onto their smartphone.

Please note: You or your family member will need a compatible Apple or Android smartphone to download the app and set-up your watch.

If you don’t have a compatible Apple or Android smartphone to download the app, view our GPS Personal Alarm.


Personal alarm watch app

What our customers say...

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Get help anywhere at anytime

With the Personal Alarm Watch you can stay active while feeling confident you can get help fast should you need it.

Whether you are out and about visiting friends, in the garden or at home, the Personal Alarm Watch will quickly connect you to our 24-hour Emergency Resolution Centre when you press the red SOS button.

The stylish smartwatch is perfect if you are a little more tech savvy and like to be active and get out and about, and will provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that you are safe.

The watch has a built-in speaker and microphone so you can talk through it and make calls or send voice messages to your family and friends.


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Smart watch for the elderly

Personal Alarm Watch features

GPS tracker

GPS tracker

The GPS tracker means the wearer can quickly be located by our Emergency Resolution Centre or via the app.

Set geo safety zones

Set geo safety zones

Configure the app to send an alert to family and friends if the wearer steps outside a set safety zone. 

Two-way SOS calls

Two-way SOS calls

You can call contacts saved in the watch's phone book, as well as our caring Emergency Resolution team through the watch.

Includes heart rate monitor

Includes heart rate monitor

The wearer's heart rate is monitored every 10 minutes. A warning notification is sent to the app if a low heart rate is detected.

Waterproof watch

Waterproof watch

The personal alarm watch can be worn in the bath and shower where the risk of having a fall is greater.

Long 48 hour battery charge

Long 48 hour battery charge

The battery lasts up to 48 hours with a full charge. The wearer and app users receive low battery notifications to ensure the watch never runs out of charge. 

Includes multi-network SIM

Includes multi-network SIM

The SIM card provides the highest level of mobile coverage, switching between networks to find the strongest signal.

No hidden charges

No hidden charges

Everything you need is included in our monthly subscription, including 12 months warranty, unlimited roaming SIM and 3 hours talk time.

Personal Alarm Watch Price

One-off set-up fee includes purchase of the watch and registration with our alarm monitoring service.

One-off set-up fee, including purchase£166.66
(£199.99 including VAT)  
Subscription per month£19.99
(£23.99 including VAT)

94% of our customers do not pay VAT on their orders - find out more.
If you, or the person you are buying the personal alarm watch for, have a condition that requires regular medication or are registered disabled then you may be eligible for VAT exemption.

The CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watch will be owned by you. If it is lost or damaged, you will need to purchase a new watch to continue with the monitoring service. Due to proximity of mobile masts or buildings, there may be blackspots. GPS tracking is more accurate outdoors. All telephone numbers added to phone book will be visible to Taking Care, including non-SOS contacts.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I set-up the watch?

    To set-up the Personal Alarm Watch you, a family member or friend will need a compatible Apple or Android smartphone to download the app. The CPR Guardian app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store. 

    Download the app and then register as a new user, select allow notifications when prompted and fill in your details.

    Log in with your details and select 'Add Device'. Select 'Scan QR Code' (to reveal the code swipe up on your watch face) then simply hold the phone over the watch face to scan. Fill in the details when prompted and then save.

    If you or your family member do not have access to a smartphone to download the app we recommend our GPS Personal Alarm instead.

  • What does the subscription cost include?

    The monthly subscription includes everything you need to use your Personal Alarm Watch, including unlimited emergency calls to our UK-based Emergency Resolution Centre.

    Also included is unlimited GPS tracking, geo-fencing, unlimited phone calls from the watch and unlimited heart rate monitoring.

    There are no hidden costs or Pay As You Go SIM charges. Subscription is collected monthly by Direct Debit. 

  • Are phone calls from the Personal Alarm Watch really free?

    Yes! Unlimited calls to our Emergency Resolution Centre, as well as calls to friends and family are included in the subscription.

  • What’s included in the box?

    We include a USB cable for charging, SIM card (pre-fitted inside the watch), SIM card information guide and user guide with set-up instructions. A charging cable is provided with the watch but you will need to use a suitable USB charging adapter (iPhone or similar) if you wish to charge it from a mains electricity socket. You may already have a USB charging adapter or you can add one to your order.

  • Can I make non-emergency phone calls from the watch?

    Yes, you can save phone numbers of friends and family to the watch’s phone book and call them directly from the watch. You save phone numbers to the watch using the app (maximum of 10 recommended). You can also record and send voice messages. The multi-network SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage by accessing all UK mobile networks to find the strongest signal. 

  • What devices does the app work on?

    You or a family member will need a compatible Apple or Android smartphone to download the app and set-up the watch. If you would like a family member or friend to monitor your heart rate and where you are they would need to download the app to their mobile phone. 

  • What can I do with the app?

    The Personal Alarm Watch app includes lots of essential features. You can use the app to track the location of the watch, update the phone book with contacts, make a phone call or send a voice message to the watch wearer and monitor the wearer’s heart rate.

    You can also manage other app users so you can connect family and friends to the watch wearer and set-up geo safety zones.

    The app can be installed on Android and Apple devices.

  • How often does the personal alarm watch battery need to be charged?

    The battery will last up to 48 hours with a full charge and has up to 3 hours talk time. The Personal Alarm Watch notifies the wearer and app users with low battery notifications so you can be confident it will never run out of charge.

    The Personal Alarm Watch comes with a USB cable. To charge the Personal Alarm Watch, just plug the USB lead into USB power source and use the magnetic end of the cable to connect to the back of the watch.

  • How long should the watch be charged for?

    We recommend charging the watch for 12 hours the first time. Charging the watch for 8 hours should be sufficient after the initial charge.

  • Can I make calls or track the GPS from any location?

    The multi-network SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage by accessing all UK mobile networks to find the strongest signal. Due to the proximity of masts or the building itself there may occasionally be black spots, although this is true of all mobile devices. The GPS tracking is more accurate when the device is outdoors.

  • Can the watch be used to dial international numbers or used while abroad?

    The SIM provided is for unlimited use within UK only and roams all UK networks. If the device is used to dial international numbers or used outside the UK, additional charges may apply outside of the tariff.

  • I have a question not answered here. How can I find out more?

    If you can't find the answer to your question in our Personal Alarm Watch FAQs page, please send us a message or call 0800 085 7371. Our telesales team are available Monday – Saturday, 8am – 8pm and are happy to help.

Why choose our personal alarm service?

Taking Care (PPP Taking Care Ltd) has been providing personal alarm services for more than 30 years. Since 2008 alone, we have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK.

We are the only Which? approved personal alarm provider in the UK and we undergo a stringent annual audit by the Telecare Services Association (TSA), so you can be confident you'll receive the first-class service you deserve.

We are the exclusive provider of the Age UK personal alarm service. Age UK’s aim is to help older people when they need it the most and buying an alarm supports Age UK's charity work.

Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our staff and we have three UK based Emergency Resolution Centres with expertly trained response teams providing a 24-hour monitoring service.

With an average alarm call response time of just 5 seconds, you can be confident of getting help fast. We are committed to being a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation and the Emergency Resolution Centres have a proven track record of supporting people with dementia.

We're part of the AXA PPP healthcare group, a leading UK private healthcare company with over 82 years’ experience of providing healthcare products and services.

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