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Non-intrusive and low maintenance, our elderly monitoring systems are designed to bring peace of mind and our team provide 24/7 assistance if an alert is raised.

Browse our range of elderly monitoring systems below to discover more and find the solution most suited to your needs.

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Taking Care Sense

Taking Care Safe Home Alert

Taking Care Sense
Taking Care Safe Home Alert

From £11.49 per month (£13.79 including VAT)

Order with a personal alarm or standalone

Proactive monitoring system with alerts and wellbeing checks.

£39.99 per month (£47.99 including VAT)

30-day money back guarantee

Smart home sensors powered by Artificial Intelligence, plus a personal alarm.

Taking Care Sense is a discreet in-home monitoring system that alerts us if there is a change in daily living activities that could indicate a problem.

Taking Care Safe Home Alert includes 5 motion and room temperature sensors, 2 door sensors, a fridge sensor and 2 smart plugs. It detects potential emergencies and changes in routine that highlight if more support is required.


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring

Standalone or personal alarm add-on

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Detects routine and activity

Advanced routine and activity monitoring

Detects temperature extremes

Detects temperature changes

Monitors movement

Monitors eating and drinking routine

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Peace of mind with emergency monitoring systems for the elderly

If you have an older relative or loved one who lives independently, it’s common to worry about them while you’re not there or when you know that they’re alone.

This can be the case even if they’re usually fit and active currently, but even more so if they are becoming increasingly frail, are more likely to experience a fall, have developed some health issues or seem to not be coping with all of their normal activities as easily as they used to.

Having a monitoring system installed can help an elderly person to stay living independently, in the home they feel comfortable in, for longer. It can also provide reassurance for concerned relatives and may mean that expensive care solutions are not needed at this stage.

Knowing that you have a monitoring solution in place that doesn’t intrude on anyone’s privacy, but can send an alert if something is wrong, can provide you with peace of mind that, if needed, your loved one will have help on hand when they are at home on their own.

A system that monitors activity or uses motion sensors for elderly UK residents can act as an early-warning system if your loved one starts finding some aspects of living independently more of a challenge or changes their routine unexpectedly, as well as in an emergency.

An emergency alert will be sent if something is detected in the home that requires immediate action and other routine insights are gathered to help with early detection if things change over time.

Elderly monitoring system installed

What features to look for in an elderly monitoring system?

The great thing about using smart technology for helping to monitor elderly relatives and loved ones is that there’s a wide range of features available, with different types of sensors and room monitors - so there is something to suit everyone.

Some of the most common features available in emergency monitoring systems for elderly people include:

Movement sensors for the elderly

Motion sensors for elderly people are small devices that are simply placed in a room that is used regularly and they detect when there is movement.

Over time, these smart devices ‘learn’, using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the types and times of usual movements within the home and can therefore detect if something changes. For example, if the elderly person starts getting up frequently at night or does not get up at their usual time in the morning.

Motion sensors for the elderly

Other useful room monitors for elderly people

Temperature sensors can detect changes in room temperature if the home’s heating system is unusually warm or switched off when it wouldn’t normally be. With smart monitoring systems that can track room temperature or any temperature extremes, this can be very reassuring for family members who perhaps have concerns about whether their loved one is staying warm enough in the colder months.

This can be even more of a worry for relatives while home energy costs are so high and the cost of living is putting more pressure everyone’s budgets. Being able to check on an elderly loved one’s home temperature remotely can bring real peace of mind to family or friends.

Woman in kitchen with temperature sensor

Electronic device monitors

If your elderly relative or loved one regularly uses certain devices at home, such as a fridge, kettle, and microwave - these can also be monitored and detect if there is unusual behaviour.

For example, if an elderly person starts using their fridge or kettle much less than usual, this can be a sign that they might not be eating or drinking as they usually would, which could be a flag that something is wrong.

Smart plugs and monitors

Passive devices: low maintenance and non-intrusive

Understandably, no one wants to feel that they are being watched or monitored unnecessarily, which is why our elderly monitoring systems are designed specifically not to infringe on anyone’s privacy.

  • There are no cameras or microphones involved - the devices are meant to be placed in key areas of the home and then virtually forgotten about.
  • They don’t require regular recharging or battery replacements and there is no other maintenance required.
  • They also don’t require any electrical or wiring work to install, making the process very quick and straightforward.
Elderly person at home

Choosing the right home emergency alert for your elderly loved one

Everyone is an individual and that’s why we offer a variety of solutions for smart home monitoring for the elderly, meaning there is an option for everyone.

Talking to your loved one about home monitoring can be a challenge, but these devices often facilitate safer independent living and enable older people to enjoy quality of life in their own home for longer, giving everyone more peace of mind that help is there if needed, when you can’t be around.

30-day money back guarantee

You can order easily online, or if you wish to speak to a member of our friendly team for further advice and to order by phone, you can do so by calling us on 0800 085 7371, Monday – Friday, 9am - 6pm.