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Jacqueline Hooton teams up with Taking Care to raise awareness of healthy ageing

Meet Jacqueline Hooton, the face behind the Instagram account @hergardengym. Having recently celebrated her 60th birthday, Jacqueline's expertise lies in personal training and nutrition while also being a keen advocate for healthy and optimal ageing.

Jacqueline uses her online platform to support women in their midlife to get stronger, healthier, and improve their wellbeing. Her goal is to help them avoid physical decline and enjoy optimal ageing.

Like many individuals of her generation, Jacqueline is worried about the safety and wellbeing of her parents as they get older. Following a number of incidents, including her mother experiencing a number of falls, she recognised the need to introduce additional support into their care plan to ensure she has the peace of mind that her elderly parents will be able to access help in an emergency.

Through her partnership with TakingCare, Jaqueline’s aim is to provide activities and exercises that other individuals can do with their elderly loved ones to help them prevent their physical condition from deteriorating further.

Jacqueline Hooton
  • Jacqueline Hooton

  • Personal Trainer
  • Instagram logo. hergardengym
  • Jacqueline is a coach and Women's Best Ambassador who helps women in their 50s and 60s get strong, fit and healthy, avoid physical decline and enjoy optimal ageing.

    Jacqueline has appeared on BBC’s The One Show, BBC South Today, BBC Sussex and Spirit FM and has been featured in, and written articles for, many national newspapers and magazines including The Independent and The Huffington Post.

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