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We can bring healthcare and digital innovation to your Technology Enabled Care (TEC) service.

We are here to listen and understand your challenges and will work with you to support, innovate and do what’s required to solve them.

“We wanted to enhance our telecare service. Taking Care was the best solution.”
Robin Wickham
Arun District Council | Group Head of Community Wellbeing

We are technology-agnostic and work with many suppliers to ensure that the best solution is sourced, and the desired outcome is achieved. Being equipment-agnostic, we can offer improved choice and flexibility in TEC, staying ahead of emerging technologies. We will keep abreast of equipment coming into the market and work with our customers to understand the opportunities these can bring.

Our scale and focus means that we can invest in digital products and services, taking our customers and partners to the next stage.

We will focus on innovation which meets the users’ desired outcomes and will not develop new technology and services in isolation. We can provide a range of Technology Enabled Care equipment and services including:

  • Dispersed alarms, including  analogue, GSM and IP variants
  • Telecare, including environmental sensors
  • Fall prevention
  • Telehealth
  • Key safe
  • Connected Care platforms
  • Activity monitoring
  • GPS devices


Connected Care platforms

The increasing volume, type and accuracy of data captured by in-home and wearable devices and sensors mean that Taking Care can support in achieving improved outcomes. The range of functionality and design means that customers and their families now have far greater choice,  and can also choose to have as much responsibility and control over their wellbeing as they prefer.

Through the use of Connected Care platforms, an array of devices and sensors in the homes of service users can provide data which is transformed into intelligence about a range of care outcomes. The intelligence can be shared in a number of different ways such as through a dashboard, app, email or SMS.  It takes two forms:

  • Alerts which prompt immediate responses and actionable insights which suggest that longer term, more subtle changes in behaviour are taking place.
  • The platform does not offer care solutions or make clinical decisions, but instead focuses on data that can trusted to be accurate, dependable and actionable.

We can help find out, using insights from a range of devices and sensors in the home. Here are some examples: 

  • An alert is raised if someone’s not up and about at their normal time (we can set this up with an agreed ‘tolerance level’ for each person)
  • A mattress sensor can detect an older person getting out of bed frequently to use the bathroom
  • Sensors on kettles and fridges can show us when someone is making themselves a drink
  • If the user has been sitting for a long period, a message can be played through a speaker to encourage them to get up and take a stretch.

Homes made safe

We will work with you to provide training to users and key stakeholders to drive the innovation. Training alone will not drive cultural change. It is a journey that individual's embark upon, and move towards, at different pace.

We will work with you to embed the mindset that makes this happen. Working with local providers we can incorporate our Technology Enabled Care hub which helps support professional learning, online referrals, consumer education and heighten awareness of emerging technology.

This serves several audiences and will meet their varying requirements. Taking Care has the experience, culture, systems and processes in place to ensure that our alarm users are truly at the heart of everything we do.

Backed by the AXA Health, you can rely on us.


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