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This company has excellent service, very happy, would recommend to anyone.

Carmen Fernandez

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Dementia tracker: Quickly view your loved one's location online

Perfect for those who need a simple tracker designed to find people who are living with dementia or have learning difficulties and may wander.

Available to order online or by phone from our partner, Mindme, the Dementia Locate includes 24/7 Emergency Resolution from Taking Care:

  • Designed for people living with dementia or Alzheimer's, the vulnerable and elderly.
  • Our award-winning 24-hour, dementia-friendly Emergency Resolution Team can help in any emergency and have proven experience of supporting customers living with dementia.
  • Access to a GPS monitoring website from a computer, tablet or mobile phone to view current location details and history.
  • Configure safe zones that automatically alert friends or family if the device moves outside of pre-set locations.

The Dementia Locate will also work indoors, providing there is good mobile coverage with any network at that location.

If you would like a GPS tracker with an emergency SOS button, please consider our Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm.

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I have always found everyone at PPP Taking Care extremely helpful and friendly whenever I have needed to contact them. I would most definitely recommend Taking Care.

Maria Gaughran

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We've supported over ¼ million people and their families with personal alarms.
Rated Excellent on Trustpilot logo.

Dementia Locate

Get help 24 hours a day if your loved one is lost, in distress, has a fall, or needs assistance in any emergency.

GPS tracker for dementia and Alzheimer's works outside

Your loved one can use the GPS dementia tracker as a key fob, pendant or keep it in a pocket or bag so its always with them. You can view the location of the GPS dementia tracker online.

GPS tracking works 24 hours a day

Or call our Emergency Resolution Team any time of the day or night and we will identify the location of the GPS device.

The alarm monitoring centre tracks the GPS device

Set up 'safe zones' so our Emergency Resolution Team are automatically alerted if the GPS tracker moves outside of preset locations.

The alarm monitoring centre can direct help in an emergency

The Emergency Resolution Team can call friends, family or the emergency services with the location details of the GPS device and direct help quickly to your loved one in an emergency.

Order online or by phone

Order the Dementia Locate from Mindme and benefit from Taking Care's 24-hour Emergency Resolution. Call 0800 292 2901, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Pay Monthly


per month (exc VAT)

£19.80 inc VAT

  • No minimum contract period
  • Includes a multi-network SIM and limitless location lookups
  • One-off £80 set up fee (£96 inc VAT)

Most of our customers don't need to pay VAT on their order if they, or the person they are buying the Dementia Locate for, have a condition that requires regular medication or are registered disabled.

Find out more about VAT exemption

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The Dementia Locate comes with a GPS tracking pendant and drop-in charging unit.

Peace of mind with a dementia tracker

Easy-to-use, small and lightweight to keep with you at all times.

A GPS tracking device provides you with reassurance that you can locate your loved one and quickly get help should they get lost or wander off.

View GPS location online

Know where loved ones are by logging onto the GPS monitoring website to view current location details and history.

No buttons or flashing lights

Designed for people living with dementia with no confusing buttons or lights.

Accurate GPS tracking

The Dementia Locate reports its position approximately every 4 minutes to provide a good indication of its location.

Dementia trained staff

Our 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team understands the challenges of caring for people with dementia or mental impairment.

No need to charge daily

The GPS device has a long 48-hour battery life, easy-to-use drop-in charger and low battery level email alert.

Small and lightweight

The Dementia Locate measures 60mm x 44mm x 14mm and weighs just 40g.

No hidden costs

Price includes charging unit and multi-network SIM. There's no PAYG mobile costs because the multi-network SIM chip is included in your subscription.

Always available to help

Unlimited GPS tracking, day and night, in the event of any emergency.

Dementia-Friendly organisation

We are committed to being a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation and the Emergency Resolution Team has a proven track record of supporting people with dementia.

What's included in your subscription

Here's what you get with the Dementia Locate.

What's included

With your subscription

  • 24-hour award-winning UK-based emergency resolution from Taking Care
  • Unlimited GPS tracking and emergency calls

In the box

  • Mindme Locate
  • Drop-in charger and power cable
  • Quick reference user guide

Dementia personal alarm with charging unit



  • Size: 60mm x 44mm (at the widest point) x 14mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight: 40g
  • Up to 48-hour battery charge
  • Pre-fitted multi-network SIM

Dementia alarm with tracker

Dementia-Friendly service

We are committed to being a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation and the Emergency Resolution Team has a proven track record of supporting people with dementia.

Our GPS tracker and 24-hour monitoring service provides freedom to people living with dementia and peace of mind for their families.

The service keeps people living with dementia safer, reducing the support they require from health and social services and from the emergency services.

Taking Care are working to become a dementia friendly organisation

Customer story

Read how one of our customers, John, uses his Dementia Locate to live independently and how we used the GPS coordinates of the device to find John when he went missing.

Customer story | Compare dementia alarms

Frequently asked questions

  • Who supplies the Dementia Locate GPS tracker?

    The Dementia Locate is available from our partner, Mindme. To order please call Mindme on 0800 292 2901 or visit The monitoring service is provided by one of our Emergency Resolution Centres.

  • Do I need to pay for the SIM card costs?

    No, all ongoing costs are including in the subscription. This includes the 24/7 monitoring and a multi-network SIM chip. A charging unit is also included.

    The Dementia Locate can even be used throughout the European Union at no additional subscription cost.

  • Who can use the Dementia Locate?

    The Dementia Locate is designed to find people who are living with dementia, Alzheimer's or have learning difficulties and may wander but can be used by anyone who may need 24/7 support. The design is simple, with no confusing flashing lights or buttons to press. We also offer a range of GPS Dementia Trackers and Dementia Alarms that may be suitable.

  • Do you provide specialist support for customers living with dementia or Alzheimer's disease?

    Our 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team is staffed by highly-trained operators who understand the challenges of caring for people with dementia, Alzheimer's or mental impairment. They have a proven track record of finding people with dementia.

    Taking Care is committed to being a 'Dementia-Friendly' company and we are a member of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance. We have a dementia staff training programme and our own Dementia Champions.

  • How accurate is the GPS tracking?

    The Dementia Locate is accurate to around 10 metres and updated every 4 minutes so our Emergency Resolution Team can accurately locate the GPS tracker.

  • What size is the Dementia Locate?

    The dementia GPS tracker is small and lightweight and can be carried in a pocket, as a key fob, worn as a pendant or put in a bag. The GPS device measures 60mm x 44mm (at the widest point) x 14mm and weighs just 40 grams.

  • How do family members view the location of the tracking device?

    You can view the current GPS tracker location and location history through a secure website. Access to this website will be provided by Mindme after you have ordered the GPS tracker.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The design of the device is simple, with no confusing lights or SOS button, which helps to prolong the battery life. The GPS tracker will operate up to 48 hours. It is easy to charge using the simple ‘drop in’ charging unit provided. A warning email can be sent when the battery is down to 10% capacity.

  • Do I need to pay VAT?

    92% of customers do not need to pay VAT on their orders, including installation. If you, or the person who you are purchasing the alarm service for, have a condition that requires regular medication such as arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure, or are registered disabled, you may qualify for VAT exemption. Check our VAT exempt guide for advice.

Trusted by our alarm users and their families

We've supported over ¼ million people and their families with personal alarms.
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Customer story

John, 73, had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and went missing on Christmas Day when he went out walking with his family.

John was wearing a Dementia Locate monitored by our Emergency Resolution Team.

His wife, Rosemary, called the Emergency Resolution Team to ask if they could locate her husband.

The Emergency Resolution Team was able to co-ordinate a response from the ambulance service and coastguards.

John was in a distressed state when he was found and was suffering from hypothermia.

Dementia Friendly Organisation logo
Elderly couple playing cards

Rosemary said, "If John hadn’t been wearing the device around his neck, it would have been very difficult to locate him. If it hadn't been for the people helping us, I dread to think what would have happened."

"I panicked as soon as I realised that John was missing. I cannot explain how much of a relief it is to know that when you have lost someone that there is a way of finding them again."

"The device assists us on a regular basis. For example, if I’m sorting the washing out upstairs and John happens to leave the house for a walk, I know that I will be able to locate him if he doesn’t return."

Read the full customer story | Compare Dementia and Alzheimer alarms

Order the Dementia Locate from Mindme

Includes 24/7 monitoring from Taking Care.

Buy now from Mindme      Call Mindme 0800 292 2901