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Made to be worn at all times, they’re always there when needed. Our panic alarms are lightweight, comfortable to wear and come with various features and options to match your lifestyle. With just a single press of a panic button for the elderly, you can reach specialist assistance 24/7.

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Compare our panic alarm range to find the right device for your lifestyle and circumstances. All Taking Care alarms include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Taking Care Anywhere alarm
Digital Fall Alarm
Digital Personal Alarm

£28.99 a month (£34.79 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

Location-aware personal alarm with fall detection that works at home and out-and-about.

£25.99 per month (£31.19 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

All the benefits of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection included.

£19.99 per month (£23.99 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

No telephone landline required with this simple to use personal alarm.

Taking Care Anywhere includes a location-aware GPS pendant with built-in fall detector, a backup pendant, alarm base unit and our 24-hour monitoring service.

This life-saving Digital Fall Alarm will automatically call our UK-based 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team if it detects the wearer has fallen and can also be used as an alarm pendant.

This life-saving Digital Personal Alarm does not need a telephone landline and includes alarm pendant, base unit and our 24-hour monitoring service so you can get help at the touch of a button.


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring

Works anywhere in the UK

Works in the home and garden

Works in the home and garden

Pendant, keyring or on belt

Pendant or wrist strap

Pendant or wrist strap

1-2 months battery charge

2-year battery charge

5-year battery charge

Speak through the pendant or base unit

Speak through the base unit

Speak through the base unit

Detects falls

Detects falls

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

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Peace of mind with a panic alarm from TakingCare

If you have an older parent or loved one who lives independently, a panic button for the elderly can bring real peace of mind that help is within reach if something happens when they are on their own. This might be a fall, another kind of accident or even if they simply want some reassurance at any time of the day or night.

TakingCare’s panic buttons for the elderly can be worn at all times, even when in the bath or shower. This, coupled with the simple one-button operation to reach help, means that they can be used easily and reliably where other devices, such as mobile phones, often cannot.

Our range of elderly panic alarms includes those designed for use in the home and garden, as well as those with GPS technology that can be used out and about, anywhere within the UK.

When a panic alarm is worn on the person at all times, it’s always within reach, even as they move around their home and go about their life, without conscious effort.

It’s another reason why a panic alarm might offer peace of mind above and beyond having a mobile phone. A mobile phone can easily be left in another room and can sometimes be difficult to operate in the event of an accident or injury.

An elderly panic alarm just needs a simple button to be pressed for an alert to be sent to the Emergency Resolution Team.

Elderly lady wearing panic alarm pendant

The right panic alarm system can help older people to live independently for longer, in their own home and doing all of the everyday activities that they want – creating a layer of reassurance for both the individual and their loved ones to know that assistance is there if it is needed.

For people who may have lost a bit of confidence in going about their normal life and doing some of the things that they enjoy as they get older, a panic alarm service can help to restore that and provide the peace of mind needed for a fuller lifestyle.

Panic alarm worn by elderly man

The different features available in elderly panic alarms

There are lots of different kinds of panic alarms available and it’s important that you choose one with the right features for your specific circumstances, whether you’re looking for a panic button for elderly people for yourself or for a loved one. This will mean that the alarm is a good match for the wearer’s lifestyle and is able to be worn and operate as required for their usual activities.

TakingCare’s range includes panic alarms with features such as:

Long battery life

TakingCare’s panic alarm systems include an alert button device, some of which have a very long battery life of up to five years. This means that the panic alarm device doesn’t need to be removed for recharging and the battery won’t run down and leave the wearer without help if they need it.

If your panic button for the elderly includes a base unit, TakingCare are notified when the battery needs to be replaced and we will arrange for this to be done, free of charge, so that there is no break in service.

Panic alarm system

Waterproof panic alarms

Many of the falls and injuries that older people have, happen in the bathroom. Accidents may occur when water splashes, making flooring slippery, when there’s differing levels to get into or out of a bath, even using the loo or taking a shower.

Raising the alarm if there is an incident in the bathroom could be difficult, but many of TakingCare’s panic alarms are waterproof, so they can be worn even in the bath or shower.

Lady wearing water resistant panic alarm

Panic buttons for elderly people with fall detectors included

With around a third of people over the age of 65, and half of those over 80, experiencing at least one fall a year, this can be a real worry for some older people and their loved ones.

Whether there’s a history of falls, or you just want additional peace of mind, some of our panic alarms come with built-in fall detection technology, which automatically raises an alert if it senses a fall.

This means that if the device detects a hard fall, it will alert the Emergency Resolution Team automatically, at any time of the day or night. They will then speak to the alarm wearer through the unit and can notify family members or the emergency services if needed.

Lady wearing panic alarm with fall detection

Panic alarms with GPS technology

If the alarm wearer regularly enjoys activities away from the home and garden, then a panic alarm with built-in GPS technology could be a great option as it’s always aware of the location of the wearer.

If an incident were to happen anywhere in the UK, the panic button for the elderly can send the location of the device while alerting the Emergency Resolution Team, so that the wearer can always be found if assistance is needed.

This could help give confidence and reassurance to an older person and their loved ones that they can continue to enjoy the activities they love - but know that help is always at hand if something happens whilst they are out and about.

GPS panic alarm worn outdoors

Panic alarms that can be worn in different ways

One of the most common ways to wear an alert device is as a pendant alarm around the neck, as most people find this very convenient and comfortable.

However, some people prefer to wear their panic alarm device on their wrist, like a watch, or even clipped to their belt. Whichever way they’re worn, TakingCare’s range of panic alarms all work in the same way; simply press the large button to send an alert.

Panic alarm on key fob

Deciding on the right elderly panic alarm for your situation

Everyone is different, and we all have our own preferences and circumstances, which is why our range of elderly panic alarms include a wide range of devices with a variety of features. We want everyone to find an alarm system to suit them and their lifestyle.

Getting a panic button for the elderly can enable you or your loved one to continue living independently in their own familiar and comfortable surroundings for longer than they might otherwise be able to, and keep doing the everyday activities that they enjoy.

Whether you’re considering a panic alarm for yourself or on behalf of an older or vulnerable loved one, we believe that we have an option that will suit your requirements and lifestyle.

Example panic alarm system

30-day money back guarantee

You can order elderly button alarms online, or if you need more advice on which TakingCare alarm system is right for your circumstances, our customer service team will be happy to help. Call us on 0800 085 7371, Monday – Friday, 9am - 6pm.

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