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Are you or a loved one at risk of a fall?

Every 10 seconds, a loved one in the UK has a fall. Find out your risk score in 2 minutes.

Our monitored alarms with GPS functionality provide the assurance that there is always someone on hand to help if there is a fall or incident, wherever you are.

Take a look at our different alarm wristbands, watches and pendants below to find the call button for the elderly most suited to your needs.

Choose a GPS alarm

Compare GPS alarms to find the right alarm for your needs. All alarms include a 30-day money back guarantee.

Taking Care Anywhere

Out-and-About Personal Alarm Watch

Dementia Locate

Taking Care Anywhere alarm
Personal alarm watch
Dementia Locate

£28.99 a month (£34.79 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

Location-aware personal alarm with fall detection that works at home and out-and-about.

£21.99 a month (£26.39 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

Location-aware smartwatch personal alarm with GPS tracking and pedometer.

£16.50 a month (£19.80 including VAT)

30-day money back guarantee

A GPS tracker alarm designed to find people who are living with dementia or have learning difficulties and may wander.

Taking Care Anywhere includes a location-aware GPS pendant with built-in fall detector, a backup pendant, alarm base unit and our 24-hour monitoring service.

Stay active and independent with our Personal Alarm Watch. This personal alarm watch includes our life-saving 24-hour monitoring service, GPS tracking and pedometer.

GPS tracker with 24 hour monitoring is designed to find people who are living with dementia or have learning difficulties and may wander. The life saving Dementia Locate includes our 24 hour monitoring service, protecting the vulnerable and elderly and providing peace of mind for their families. 


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring

Works anywhere in the UK

Works anywhere in the UK

Pendant, keyring or on belt

Wrist strap

1-2 months battery charge

48-hour battery charge

Speak through the pendant or base unit

Speak through the pendant

Detects falls

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

We've supported over ¼ million people and their families with personal alarms.
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Peace of mind with a GPS monitored personal alarm

For those living independently in later years, the risk of a fall, a medical event or another kind of incident can be a worry, for both the individual and for relatives and loved ones.

Whether it’s in the home or when out and about, knowing that help is just the push of a button away can bring real peace of mind.

GPS alarms that are designed to be taken out of the home can give someone in their later years additional confidence to go out and live their life to the full, able to continue the activities, hobbies and social interactions that they enjoy.

This is because they are reassured by the knowledge that their call button for the elderly will get an alert out if needed, along with their GPS location, so help is at hand if it’s required.

Our fully trained Emergency Resolution Team are on hand 24/7 if there is a problem or an incident, which can make a big difference to someone who wants to keep their independence in their later years.

Elderly couple walking dog

What features to look for in a GPS monitored personal alarm?

Features on call buttons for elderly people that are designed to be taken out of the home can vary, so it’s important to decide on the right kind of personal alarm device for your needs, whether it’s for you or for an elderly friend or relative.

These vary from those that simply track and send a location if needed, such as for someone with dementia, to fully-featured panic button wristbands or pendants that enable two-way communication and even count steps. Some of the areas to consider include:

Panic button wristband or pendant?

Many people like to wear their GPS personal alarm around their neck like a pendant, which is why they are sometimes also called pendant alarms.

A benefit of wearing the alarm like this is that it doesn’t need to be consciously carried around because it’s always worn on their person. Other people prefer wearing a wrist alarm for the elderly that looks and feels just like a smartwatch, because it is more suitable for their lifestyle, clothing choices or simply feels more subtle.

These types of alarms can sometimes also be attached to a keyring or belt; so, if this function is important to you, it’s essential to choose an alarm that fits with how you would prefer to wear it.

GPS alarm watch on wrist

Fall detection features

If you or your loved one have had a fall in the past, or think that there’s a chance of falling while out and about, perhaps because balance isn’t what it once was, you may want a GPS personal alarm that includes fall detection technology.

This means that the device senses if the wearer falls over and automatically alerts the Emergency Resolution Team, even if the alarm button isn’t pressed.

Fall detection built into a call button for elderly people

If you or your loved one is at risk of a fall, either because of experiencing a fall in the past or perhaps due to being a little less mobile, having some balance problems or becoming more frail, you can choose a call button for the elderly that has built-in fall detection.

Elderly couple wearing GPS tracker pendant

Battery life for your monitored personal alarm

Our range of GPS location-aware personal alarms are designed to be taken wherever you go and have a range of different battery types, so it’s important to check how often your device will need to be charged to make sure that this fits well with your life and routine.

For example, an elderly alarm smartwatch might need to be charged every day/night, whereas other types of GPS personal alarm can be anywhere between a few days and a couple of months between charges. Finding a device that fits with your lifestyle is important to making best use of the alarm system over time.

Lady with GPS mobile alarm

Activity tracker on your personal alarm wristband

In addition to an alert feature and potentially fall detection technology, some personal alarm wristbands also have features like pedometers, that track how many steps the wearer takes each day.

This can be a great help for older people trying to stay active as well as combining the useful and reassuring functionality of a panic button wristband in the same device.

Wrist-worn activity tracker for elderly

Choosing the right GPS panic button wristband, tracker or pendant for your elderly loved one

When you’ve settled on the features that you want for your location-aware personal alarm system, you can select a package that meets your needs to ensure that it fits well with your lifestyle, or the usual activities of your elderly loved one. It’s important that the call button for the elderly you choose is suited to lifestyle and personal preference so that the older adult is happy to wear it every day.

Your customised alarm package can provide an extra layer of protection and peace of mind that help is always on hand if needed, helping you or your loved one to live a full, independent and active life for as long as possible.


30-day money back guarantee

You can order easily online, or if you wish to speak to a member of our friendly team for further advice and to order by phone, you can do so by calling us on 0800 085 7371, Monday – Friday, 9am - 6pm.

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