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Personal alarms to help you remain independent and healthy for longer
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In-home care for patients

in home telecare

We are experts at helping the elderly and vulnerable live healthily and independently in their homes for longer.

Our personal alarms and monitored telecare devices help patients stay safe, reducing demand on local healthcare services and supporting health professionals to deliver care.


Personal alarms

With a monitored personal alarm, patients can get help 24 hours a day in any emergency. Our alarm monitoring centres will arrange the appropriate response from family members, emergency contacts or the emergency services, if for example the patient feels unwell, has a fall or is in distress. 

A personal alarm helps patients stay independent, feel confident living in their homes and reduces demand on local health services.

By providing a point of contact for emergencies, a personal alarm reduces 999 calls. The alarm monitoring centre can triage the alarm call and contact family members, friends or neighbours if that is the most appropriate response.


Personal alarm equipment

Without an alarm, if an elderly person falls at home when they are alone, they could be on the floor for hours before they can call for help. This increases the chance of pneumonia, other health complications or worse.

  • Personal alarm units - analogue and GSM digital models
  • Alarm pendants - with wrist and pendant options
  • Fall sensors - to automatically raise an alert when the user falls or trips
  • GPS alarms - for more active patients who need an alarm that works when they are out and about
  • Dementia trackers - monitored GPS devices for vulnerable patients prone to wandering


Monitored homes

Monitored telecare devices lighten the burden on carers and social care services by providing insight and data that indicates environmental and behavioural changes. Proactive steps can be taken by the alarm monitoring centre before the patient is at risk. This makes the home safer and decreases calls to the emergency services and visits to GPs and hospitals.


Monitoring environmental changes

  • Threats such as carbon monoxide from heating appliances, or smoke from kitchen appliances that have been left unattended can be detected before they become a danger.
  • If a tap has been accidentally left running before a flood becomes serious.
  • Changes in temperature can indicate if the heating is not working or a door has been left open.


Monitoring changes in behaviour

  • Telecare devices can record a patient's daily activities, so the alarm monitoring centre can see changes in behaviour.
  • For example, if a patient is getting up more during the night, this may indicate they are using the toilet more. If the patient is normally up and about in the morning but remains in bed, this may indicate they are feeling unwell or have a low mood.


Medical helplines

Visits to GP surgeries can be reduced with AXA's medical helplines.***

Staffed by qualified nurses and trained pharmacists, patients can get expert support 7 days a week.

Patients and their families can receive help and advice about any health or wellbeing concern they may have, any time night or day. Questions and advice  about medication, how and when it should be taken and side-effects can be answered by the medical helpline pharmacists.


Home from hospital care

Bed blocking can be reduced by ensuring elderly patients have appropriate  home care support when they leave hospital. Many elderly patients may be medically fit to leave hospital after an operation or treatment but cannot return home without the necessary support.

A personal alarm installed in the home with monitoring and medical helplines can help to reduce discharge times by ensuring support is available 24 hours a day. 


Telecare support services

Our fully trained installation team will install and maintain all the telecare equipment. This means we can be confident the installation team are trained to our high standards and will ensure equipment is always installed safely.


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