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Are you or a loved one at risk of a fall?

Every 10 seconds, a loved one in the UK has a fall. Find out your risk score in 2 minutes.

Choose an elderly alarm button

Compare our single button alarms to find the right product for your circumstances. All TakingCare alarms include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Digital Fall Alarm

Digital Personal Alarm

Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm

Digital Fall Alarm
Digital Personal Alarm
Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm

£25.99 per month (£31.19 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

All the benefits of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection included.

£19.99 per month (£23.99 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

No telephone landline required with this simple to use personal alarm.

£21.99 a month (£26.39 including VAT)

Get 3-months free when you pay annually by Direct Debit*

Easy-to-use location-aware personal alarm that works at home and out-and-about.

This life-saving Digital Fall Alarm will automatically call our UK-based 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team if it detects the wearer has fallen and can also be used as an alarm pendant.

This life-saving Digital Personal Alarm does not need a telephone landline and includes alarm pendant, base unit and our 24-hour monitoring service so you can get help at the touch of a button.

Personal alarm with built-in GPS tracker that works at home, in the garden and out-and-about using a mobile signal. Includes our 24-hour monitoring service.


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring


UK-based monitoring

Works in the home and garden

Works in the home and garden

Works anywhere in the UK

Pendant or wrist strap

Pendant or wrist strap

Pendant or keyring

2-year battery charge

5-year battery charge

48-hour battery charge

Speak through the base unit

Speak through the base unit

Speak through the pendant

Detects falls

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

Fully digital: No landline required

We've supported over ¼ million people and their families with personal alarms.
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Peace of mind with an easy-to-use elderly alarm button

Single button alarms from TakingCare can offer real peace of mind to an older adult, along with their family and friends, that assistance will be available if they need it.

Many older people find some modern technology challenging to use, so a single button alarm is incredibly simple to use in order for the wearer to reach assistance. A single press of the large button will raise an alert, and put the alarm wearer in touch with the TakingCare team directly.

Depending on the specific alarm product, the team will communicate with the alarm wearer via the base unit or the worn device itself, to establish what has happened and what help should be arranged. The TakingCare team will contact those on the emergency contacts list, if required, and can call for emergency service assistance if it is needed.

Some of our call buttons for the elderly also include a built-in fall detector, which automatically raises an alert if it detects that the wearer has had a hard fall. Knowing that they will be able to reach help and their loved ones if anything unexpected happens, can give older people living independently a real boost in confidence to live their later life to the full.

Single button alarm held in hand

Various features in call buttons for the elderly

There are several different single button alarms available from TakingCare, which include a range of features that will suit various different circumstances and needs of the older adult, as well as the wider family and other loved ones. Some areas to consider are:

For at home only? Or when also out and about?

An older adult that spends most of their time at home might be ideally suited to a personal panic button system that works when inside the property or in the garden or outdoor space. This kind of alarm system still has just a single button to operate, keeping things straightforward for the wearer.

If the elderly person spends time out and about, whether at the local shops, visiting friends in the community or going further afield, a single-button alarm that has built-in GPS functionality can be a great idea. This means that if an alert is raised, the location of the wearer is also sent, so that they can always be found, even if they aren’t sure where they are.

Call alarm worn in garden

How you want to wear your single-button alarm

There are call alarms for the elderly that can be worn in a variety of ways, which can make it much easier for the older person to get used to wearing the device all of the time.

The most common way of wearing an alarm like this is as a pendant, around the neck. However, some people prefer to wear them on the wrist, like a watch, or even on the belt or on a key fob.

Making sure that you pick an elderly alarm button that can be worn in the way that best fits your lifestyle and preferences means that it’s not just easy to operate and raise an alert if something happens, it’s easy to wear every day too.

Single button alarm on neck

The battery life of your single-button alarm

The battery life of different single-button alarms is partly dependent on the features of each specific product. As an example, a call button for elderly people that has GPS technology, which sends the wearer’s location to the Emergency Resolution Team when an alarm call is made, will usually have a shorter battery life than an elderly alarm button which is only designed to be used in the home and garden.

At TakingCare, some of our single-button alarms have a long battery life of up to five years.

GPS call alarm button

Do you want a water-resistant personal alarm device?

Some rooms have a higher risk than others of slips and falls. The bathroom is one of these, with potential hazards like slippery floors, the need to get in and out of baths, showers and having to change levels when using the facilities. For that reason, it can be even more important that older people with personal alarms wear them in the bathroom and having a device that is water-resistant can make a big difference if something happens there.

Some of TakingCare’s elderly alarm buttons can be worn even in the bathroom and shower, giving greater peace of mind if you’re worried about the risk of a fall or accident in this type of setting.

Water resistant single button alarm
Choosing the right call button for an elderly person in your life

Having a personal alarm system with really straightforward single-button operation can being real peace of mind to older adults and their loved ones. In the event of a fall or accident, there’s no complicated phone number to remember and you don't need to struggle with a mobile phone in an emergency.

Instead, the alarm wearer can simply press the one button to call for help, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Deciding on the right type of single-button alarm and the best features for your particular situation can feel a bit daunting, but we are here to help!

Elderly lady with call alarm