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A personal alarm helped Shirley care for her husband despite her own health concerns

How a wrist-worn personal alarm gave Shirley the confidence to take care of husband Howard during difficult times.  

September 25, 2023

Woman showing her wrist worn digital personal alarm

Shirley was a dedicated wife and primary carer for a decade to her 94-year old husband, Howard, who was battling Alzheimer's disease.

She devoted herself to providing round-the-clock care, which proved vital when he lost the ability to swallow and needed help eating.

Despite facing these challenges, Shirley kept her promise to support her husband of 41 years so that he could spend his final days in their home and recalled how "we were soul mates from the day we met."

Shirley's own health declined when she found herself incapacitated after receiving her first COVID-19 vaccine. This situation left Howard vulnerable and alone in his room.

Fortunately, Shirley could call for help immediately in emergencies by using her personal alarm. She vividly remembers the day Howard fell, suffering a severe head injury.

With quick thinking and the press of a button, I reached out for the urgent help needed. TakingCare's personal alarm saved Howard's life, as he had already lost a significant amount of blood.

Shirley continued to wear the personal alarm even after Howard's passing. She faced her own health battles, including six cardiac operations and breast cancer.

My situation made me feel vulnerable, especially when strangers entered my home for repairs. This alarm makes me feel safer than I would otherwise feel. I am not used to living alone. With the wrist strap variety, I feel a little more secure in the knowledge that if I call TakingCare, you will answer and help me.

Her personal alarm has supported Shirley as a carer and is now a source of reassurance and independence. Shirley recommends a personal alarm to anyone living alone, especially if they are frail. Shirley's message for TakingCare's 24-hour monitoring team was heartfelt, "God bless you all."

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Independent living products brochure

Learn how personal alarms and home monitoring solutions can keep you or your loved ones safe and independent at home.

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