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Transforming lives with an out-and-about personal alarm

How an out-and-about GPS personal alarm helped Hilary and Martin by providing peace of mind and freedom. 

November 16, 2023

Hillary and Martin on their holiday

Getting a TakingCare GPS personal alarm has transformed Hilary and Martin's daily lives. Martin had been experiencing frequent falls, prompting him to attend a fall clinic, making it a source of worry for Hilary.

His falls were the main reason Hilary decided to get a personal alarm for Martin. It provides her with reassurance knowing that with the personal alarm, Martin can get immediate assistance in an emergency. The fall detection feature means it will automatically call for help when it detects Martin has fallen.

It has been a godsend to know that the alarm is there for him and allows me to have the rest without worrying about him falling and not having help around. It has also allowed us to not worry should he fall in the shower and I don't hear him.


Hilary feels so confident that Martin is safe with his GPS alarm that she has been able to take a holiday once in a while with her friends.

Hilary and Martin on holiday

Hilary's typical day is marked by her need for regular rest due to her own health condition, causing extreme tiredness and a fatigue. In the mornings, she manages Martin's breakfast routine, prepares meals, and assists him with his needs. Her weekly commitments include caring for their dog, managing online exchanges, attending health appointments, and handling household chores like food shopping and laundry.

Before getting the personal alarm, Hilary lived with constant anxiety about her husband's safety when she couldn't be there to assist him, especially when he took their dog out for a walk. Her own health limitations added to the burden. 

The personal alarm has substantially eased her worries and her husband's anxiety about falls. With his peripheral neuropathy and balance issues, the alarm has become a vital component of their health management.

Martin had his first serious fall when they lived abroad, and from then on, they have had to manage his health carefully. The GPS alarm works at home and when out-and-about. This has allowed him to get out more and feel confident about walking their dog.

The overall purchase process was straightforward. We were able to choose the discounted annual fee and self-install the personal alarm. I would recommend it highly because it has also given me peace of mind when I need to rest and when we go on holiday together.


Hilary and Martin chose the Taking Care Anywhere Personal Alarm, with 3-months free when paying annually for the alarm monitoring subscription. Hilary and Martin both liked the waterproof design, fall-detection feature, GPS tracking capabilities, and flexibility to use it while out-and-about. These features provided the reassurance they needed to enjoy their holidays without anxiety.

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