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Personal alarm stories: Getting a falls alarm

Val was sceptical about getting a falls alarm, until she needed to get help in an emergency. Now she loves her Taking Care personal alarm service.

December 10, 2019

Falls alarm

Gran was sceptical at first but now recommends the Taking Care Personal Alarm Service to anyone

"It all started when my partner’s gran, Val, told us she’d had a few falls recently at home – and said it was starting to worry her," says Alice Roberts. "I instantly thought of Taking Care, and explained the service to her, and my partner’s family."

"Val was sceptical at first – but said she’d be happy to try it. I phoned and ordered the personal alarm service. Everyone I spoke to at Taking Care was really friendly and keen to answer the 100 questions I had!"

Setting up the falls alarm

Alice and Val were impressed by how easy the falls alarm was to set-up and the service they received from the response team.

Alice says "The fall alarm came within three working days. We chose the self-connect option and the instructions were so easy to follow. We set up the alarm within 15 minutes and spoke to the response team, to ensure that it worked in different areas of Val’s house."

"The team were so friendly, and reassured Val that even if she pressed the button by accident, they’re always happy to speak to her and check she is okay."

The response team recommended that Val test the fall alarm once a month by making a test call and the team even took the time to wish her a happy birthday when she made a call on her birthday.

Wearing the falls pendant

Val really appreciates the personalised and friendly service and feels so much safer when she is wearing the alarm pendant.

As Alice explains "The falls pendant that comes with the personal alarm service can be worn either around the neck or the wrist as a watch, which is also waterproof, and the alarm unit connects direct to the phone line. You wouldn’t even know the alarm unit is there."

"We were all really impressed with the service, particularly Val, who was a bit sceptical at first but now doesn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone!"

"As a family, it’s given us reassurance that Val is in good hands, and that help is just the touch of a button away should she need it." 

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