Taking Care keeping Cheltenham residents safe as new 24/7 monitoring provider

We will be providing 24/7 monitoring to Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Borough Homes Limited residents.

September 25, 2023

Alarm monitoring staff

Taking Care is pleased to announce that it has been successful in securing a tender opportunity with Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Borough Homes to provide 24/7 monitoring to their customers living in sheltered schemes.

Cheltenham Council logo

Cheltenham Borough Council is the local authority for Cheltenham and delivers an alarm service to individuals in the community. 

The Authority’s Lifeline Alarm Service has been in operation since 1983 and provides mainly dispersed alarm equipment, such as elderly fall alarms and smoke alarms as well as push button alarm devices, to residents of Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.

Cheltenham Borough Homes Limited logo

Cheltenham Borough Homes Limited (CBH) is an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) responsible for the management and maintenance of the Authority’s housing stock and housing and homeless service. CBH is a non-profit making limited company with a non-executive Board of Directors. CBH is also a Registered Provider, owning its own properties since 2011.

Since the start of the summer the team at Taking Care have been working with our new partners to gradually onboard the 1,790 connections, which are broken down into 1,000 dispersed alarms and 25 schemes comprising 550 dwelling connections, 67 communal connections, 66 door entries and 15 lifts.

Our collaborative approach has allowed Taking Care to not only provide the best possible service to our new customers, but to showcase our commitment to excellence and efficiency in Technology Enabled Care.

We are delighted to be working with Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Borough Homes Limited as their new 24 / 7 monitoring partner, providing this valuable service for their residents.

Steve Gates
Managing Director at Taking Care

Steve Gates, Managing Director, Taking Care announced:

"Enhancing the quality of life and independence of vulnerable individuals is at the heart of everything we do at Taking Care. We are committed to not only delivering a robust and reliable digital ready monitoring service, but also establishing a strong collaborative partnership with both Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Borough Homes Limited. We wholeheartedly share their overarching goal of supporting the well-being of Cheltenham residents and achieving the highest standards of person-centred care for vulnerable customers.”

Cllr Martin Horwood, cabinet member for Customer and Regulatory Services at Cheltenham Borough Council said:

“Cheltenham Borough Council and Cheltenham Borough Homes are pleased to partner with Taking Care to provide our more vulnerable residents and their families with this invaluable service.”

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