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The best holidays for elderly parents in the UK

It can be a challenge to find viable options for holidays for elderly parents in the UK.

May 05, 2023

Elderly man on holiday

Taking a break and having a change of scenery every now and again is important at any stage of life, but it can sometimes be a real challenge for older people to find a holiday type or location that suits their individual needs and wants. If they have limited mobility or specific requirements due to health or care needs, along with their personal preferences, it can make getting away from it all feel more like a hassle than a holiday.

Other areas to consider include older people travelling solo or with younger family members, accommodation and catering choices. The small details can make all the difference when it comes to having a relaxing and enjoyable break.

In this article, we look at different types of UK holidays that could be good options for elderly parents or other older loved ones and other considerations to take into account.

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The benefits of holidays for senior citizens in the UK

While many older people are very happy and capable when it comes to holidaying abroad, there are some practical challenges that can arise in later life which may mean that UK holidays are a more attractive prospect for some. These are all things to consider when planning holidays for the elderly in the UK, and are likely to vary, depending on the individuals involved.

For some older adults, getting a good level of travel insurance cover for travelling abroad becomes more difficult if they have existing health conditions or specialist health requirements. Holidaying in the UK means that they are familiar with the health system if they are poorly whilst away, and they won’t have to navigate the situation in another country and possibly another language.

Being able to enjoy going away but knowing that you are only a few hours, at most, away from home, can be very comforting to many older people.

There are many fantastic parts of the UK that are perfect for elderly visitors, whether they are into rolling countryside, market towns, places of historic interest, tourist attractions or simply a comfortable stay somewhere different to their normal. Holidays for senior citizens in the UK can be great for spending time with loved ones and creating memories, as well as having a break from the usual routine in a new environment.

For older people who are considering going on holiday on their own, perhaps having lost a spouse or partner in recent times, going for a short break somewhere in the UK can be an ideal choice to help build their confidence for solo travel.

Elderly lady at beach


Different types of holidays for the elderly

There are a variety of different types of holiday that might be a good choice for people in later life. A lot of this will come down to their personal preference about what kind of setting they like to stay in, how much control they want over their timetable whilst away and the kind of things they like to do, as well as any health or care needs they have.

Accessible holidays for elderly with limited mobility

For those older people who have limited mobility, finding somewhere accessible to stay can be a challenge when booking a holiday. Many larger hotels do offer some accessible rooms that are suitable for those that use wheelchairs or mobility scooters, but the same might not be the case in many B&Bs or rented holiday accommodation. Some booking websites allow you to filter results to include only accommodation that is accessible, so that can be a good idea if wanting to stay somewhere independent.

Staying somewhere with an accessible bathroom, such as a walk-in or wheel-in shower, may also be a consideration.

London city

City breaks for the elderly

While some older people like to take holidays amongst nature and greenery, others prefer a lively city setting for a break. There can be many benefits to this for older people who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of a UK city.

City centres and large towns often have good facilities that older people may appreciate, such as accessible buildings, public loos, lots of places to stop and take a rest when out and about, as well as huge choice when it comes to eating out and seeing the sights.

Theatre breaks for the elderly

If your older loved one is keen on theatre, a break that is specifically geared around seeing at least one show can be a great idea. This will usually mean taking a break in a major UK city, although it may be possible to travel into the theatre and actually stay somewhere else a bit more peaceful.

Countryside breaks for the elderly

An ideal setting for a UK holiday for many elderly people is the rolling countryside, however, this kind of location can sometimes be challenging for older adults in terms of accessibility and the kind of terrain. Lots of hills, steps, styles, cobbled streets and narrow streets and paths can be difficult for some older people to navigate, so choosing where to stay and visit is important.

It can sometimes be possible to hire things like mobility scooters to make a holiday like this easier to manage for an older person who wants to spend their break enjoying the sights of their countryside location.

Beach resort

Park lodge and caravan holidays for the elderly

One option that can be almost a home-from-home with a stay in a pretty location is a static caravan or park lodge. Accessible options are often available and there are often really good communal facilities on the site that wouldn’t be available in many other self-catering settings. This can also be a great idea if the people holidaying together are multi-generational, as larger sites often have entertainment and things like play areas for children, as well as shops and amenities for adults.

Respite holidays for the elderly with higher care needs

Being an older person with some daily care needs doesn’t mean that a holiday necessarily needs to be off the cards. There are several organisations, businesses and charities within the UK that offer respite holidays for older adults. These are often in purpose-built facilities and can include everything up to round-the-clock care if needed, enabling the visitor to have a break without compromising on their care needs.

Door-to-door holidays for the elderly

For elderly people who wish to go on holiday independently, door-to-door holidays can be a good option. This type of holiday includes travel from their home, often by coach, to a variety of different locations. Travel right back to their door at the end of the break is also included, so is ideal for those elderly people who no longer drive or have don’t have access to private transport.

These holidays are often taken with groups of people of a similar age and stage of life, so can be a good outlet for those who want to socialise and meet new friends while away from home.


Peace of mind with holidays for elderly parents in the UK

If your older loved one is going on holiday, there can be a worry that something may happen to them whilst away from home, especially if they have a history of falls or some health issues that are a concern.

An out and about GPS alarm could be an ideal solution to provide peace of mind to the individual and their loved ones that help is always available if needed while they are away.

Elderly couple walking

These GPS alarm systems work anywhere within the UK and, if an alert is raised, will transmit the wearer’s location so that the Emergency Resolution Team know exactly where they are. They will speak to the wearer through the device and can arrange assistance, along with letting the designated contacts know what has happened, if required.

The alarms also work at home and in the garden, so can be a great addition to the household at any time to give greater peace of mind to everyone. These flexible systems are ideal for active elderly people who love to spend time outside of their home as well as in it, and can help give them the confidence to live a full and independent life as they get older.

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