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What to consider when choosing a telecare company

Whether you have recently made the decision to use telecare in your care for a loved one, or are just exploring the options, it is important to be informed when it comes to selecting a solution to best meet your needs.

April 09, 2018

Telecare providers

Choosing a telecare provider doesn’t need to be difficult, and here are few things you might find useful to consider.


Current and future telecare requirements

To understand what you’re looking for in a telecare provider, it can help to think about your current needs and how they might change in the future. These needs can sometimes be more complex or you might want to feel confident that additional help will be available as and when circumstances change.

If you need reassurance that your loved one will get assistance in an emergency and peace of mind for yourself, then the simple solution of a personal alarm system can provide you with that.

It is the main service offered by telecare companies such as Taking Care and it helps people live independently in their homes for longer. The personal alarm system has a button in a bracelet or alarm pendant that lets the wearer trigger a call to the response team and get help quickly whenever they need it.

Enhanced services from telecare providers

To avoid having to change your telecare company in the future, and having to replace your existing alarm system, it can help to consider in advance which companies can offer additional products and services should you need to enhance your existing support.

This might include sensors and detectors to monitor various activity and offer reassurance and assistance when needed. For example, a fall detector to alert when the wearer has fallen, which is particularly helpful to those who are a bit unsteady on their feel or are prone to trips or stumbles.

To help assist those living alone, a bogus caller button can prove helpful in dealing with unexpected visitors by letting the response team listen in and give advice on how to handle each situation.

Other home safety sensors include smoke and flood detectors, temperature extreme detector, which alerts of dangerously low temperatures in the winter months, and a carbon monoxide detector.

Taking Care provide a unique medical support line and medication information service too. You can call the medical helplines to speak to a qualified nurse or trained pharmacist if you have a concern about your health or medication. This service can be particularly useful if you or your loved one is returning home from hospital for example and needs some extra support.

GPS personal alarms provide peace of mind out and about, away from the home. A GPS tracker alarm is useful for people living with dementia who may be prone to wandering and their families.

Setting up a telecare solution

The ease of connection and how quickly the service can be set up can also play an important role in someone’s wellbeing, for example when returning home from a hospital stay.

If the system can be connected by the user and work within days of signing up, it can provide reassurance and help when it may be needed the most.

Telecare provider response rates

It’s also recommended to consider the average response rates of the telecare company you intend to use. Timing is everything in an emergency, so you will want to be confident that any calls will be answered rapidly within seconds to get the right help if assistance is needed. Knowing that a telecare provider is TSA (Telecare Services Association) compliant can give you confidence that they have strict rules to adhere by, and that the mandatory standard for answering emergency calls is set at no more than 180 seconds for 99% of the alarm calls.

Telecare provider accreditations

Research into company history or additional accreditations of high quality standards, such as ISO 9001, can help differentiate between other possible options if you cannot decide. In your care for someone, it is very important to feel that you can trust the service. Knowing that your telecare provider has plenty of experience and satisfied customers will help to lift the weight off your shoulders.

The cost of telecare solutions

Lastly, price can also be a factor when making your decision. It can be worthwhile to look past the initial costs and to consider the on-going monthly charge, as that is the sum that you’ll be covering regularly, unlike a one-off registration or set-up charge.

But the most important thing is to make sure that you choose the service that offers the most for the person you’re caring for. Our customers tell us time and time again that they feel it is always a small price to pay for their wellbeing and safety.


About Taking Care

We have been providing telecare and personal alarms for more than 30 years and now help over 70,000 people remain independent and embrace a healthier and a more active life.

We are ISO 9001 accredited and are a member of Telecare Services Association. 98.5% of our personal alarm calls are answered within 60 seconds.

Our response centre provides round the clock support at the press of a button and we have a range of telecare products including fall sensors and a medical helpline to help you remain independent and safe in your home.

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Independent living products brochure

Learn how personal alarms and home monitoring solutions can keep you or your loved ones safe and independent at home.

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