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Taking Care during lockdown

We’ve been delighted by some of the feedback we’ve received from customers about how we’ve helped and supported them during lockdown. 

August 11, 2020

Personal alarm during lockdown

The lockdown has been a difficult time for everyone, not least for many of our customers. At Taking Care, we have been working hard to keep our life-saving personal alarm service operating without a hitch, as well keeping our staff safe and well.

Here are a couple of the things we’ve done to try and make the lockdown a bit easier for our customers:

  1. Our most vulnerable customers received a wellbeing call from AXA Health and were offered free access to our medical helplines.

    These services meant that
    older customers could get expert medical advice from qualified nurses without having to visit the GP or add to the demand on NHS resources. They could talk to trained pharmacists about their medication whilst remaining safe and comfortable at home.
  2. Home visits and installations were temporarily put on hold in order to keep customers and staff safe at the height of the pandemic.

    Because of this, we extended our self-install and general support to 10pm, meaning you could have your technical queries dealt with quickly and efficiently. We are now offering home visits and our personal alarm installation service once again, with our Field Team in full personal protective equipment and social distancing in place.

Even though most of our staff have been working from home and have faced major disruptions to the way they work, they have done an outstanding job of making sure it’s business as usual for our customers. We’re delighted by some of the feedback we’ve received from you about how we’ve helped you during lockdown.

Emergency alarm for elderly 

What our staff have said

Heidi, one of our Emergency Resolution Centre Managers, shared:

“The daughter of one of our customers wanted to pass on her thanks for the service so far. She said that everyone she’s spoken to has been so helpful and always made her feel like any query she’s had is no trouble at all.

She was particularly thankful for Phil’s help when triaging the alarm over the phone. She said you were so thorough and attentive.”

Katrina in Customer Services told us;

 “A conversation that really stood out for me was a lady I spoke to when we were clapping for the NHS, she said this to me:

‘Thank you for everything that you do especially during lockdown. I think of you as key workers and I am outside every Thursday ringing my bell for you. I hope you are all staying safe’.” 


What you have told us

“I have been very pleased to know that PPP carers were there should I need help, especially as I was ill at home on my own for weeks with Covid 19. Neighbours did my shopping and kept a general eye on me, but had I needed emergency care my button would definitely have been used. Thank you.” 
Miss Kelly

“On occasions when she has required attention at night it has worked very well. Even at the height of the Covid 19 the service was second to none.”
– Annie

“My alarm system has set me free from worrying about what will happen if I fall Ill or have an accident in my home. It means I can continue to live where I am with help nearby if I need it. When I test, my calls are received by kind and friendly people which is much appreciated. I am still in isolation from Covid 19 but with my PPP alarm I am never alone. Thank you.”
– Ms Hatherley

“Excellent service regular check ups during the lockdown period.”
– Mrs E Taylor

“A short spell in hospital 2 years ago made my family and I realise that I needed to have a personal alarm - for everyone's peace of mind. Since then my health has improved, and I am managing well living on my own (with help from family nearby).

The virus has made it all the more important to have the alarm while I am self isolating. I know I always get a quick and friendly response from PPP, including when I accidentally knock the alarm button on my wrist. This has not been my experience during lockdown, when I have sought advice about dealing with nose bleeds - I have not succeeded in getting through to the GP Practice, nor to 111.”
– R McIntyre


These are just some of the positive stories and interactions we’ve had during lockdown. Thank you for you feedback, it’s invaluable to us and we feel inspired to hear that we’re positively impacting the lives of our customers.

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