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Troubleshooting your In-Home Classic Personal Alarm (No Landline)

The In-Home Classic Personal Alarm (No Landline) has been discontinued

Common Self-Install Faults and Solutions

Our No Landline personal alarm is really easy to set-up and use. Most common personal alarm faults can be quickly and easily resolved by following the advice to the alarm announcements below.

However, if you need any help then please call our Customer Services team on 0800 085 7371 - we are here to help.

Issue Resolution
The alarm unit says: ‘Warning – there is no mains power’
  • Check the alarm unit is plugged into a working electrical socket.
  • Try a different electrical socket or test the socket by plugging in another electrical device.
  • The alarm unit has a back up battery and will continue to operate for approximately 40 hours. If the battery is exhausted the alarm unit will stop working until mains power is restored.
The alarm unit says:‘Warning – reduction in radio range detected' 
  • Check the personal alarm base unit is not close to any other electrical devices such as a computer, television, fan or mobile phone. If so, turn-off or move the equipment away from the personal alarm base unit and check if this stops the warning.
The alarm unit says: '‘Warning – no mobile network coverage’
  • The personal alarm base unit is unable to find a mobile network to connect to.
  • Try different locations around the house and if this does not resolve the problem, call our Customer Services team on 0800 085 7371.
The alarm unit says: '‘Mobile coverage restored’
  • The personal alarm base unit has reconnected to the mobile network and you do not need to do anything.
The sound quality from the alarm base unit is poor or there is interference
  • Make sure that the unit is not placed in a confined space or near other electrical equipment.
  • The unit microphone is on the side of the unit, to the right of the big red button. This must not be obstructed.
The alarm unit says: ‘Warning – battery low’
  • Check the alarm unit is plugged into a working electrical socket.
  • Please note the alarm base unit has a battery back up that will last for approximately 40 hours.
The alarm unit says: '‘The mains power is restored’
  • Power has been reconnected to the personal alarm base unit, possibly after a power cut or if you unplugged the base unit from the socket. You do not need to do anything.
The alarm base unit is not working following a storm
  • Thunder and lightening can affect your electrical supply.
  • If your home electrical supply is working normally, then check the socket is not faulty by testing another piece of electrical equipment in its place.
  • If the alarm base unit power is restored, please make a test call to our response centre and tell the operator that you are testing the alarm base unit.