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Troubleshooting Your Digital Personal Alarm

Common Self-Install Faults and Solutions

Our Digital Personal Alarm is really easy to set-up and use. Most common personal alarm faults can be quickly and easily resolved by following the advice to the alarm announcements below.

However, if you need any help then please call our Customer Services team on 0800 085 7371 - we are here to help.

Issue Resolution
Installation issues
  • Check the power connection is correctly plugged into a working electrical socket and turned on at the wall.
  • Make sure your in-home alarm unit isn’t off by checking that the Power, Connect and Info buttons are all lit.
  • Try another power outlet to check the power outlet isn’t faulty, or a fuse hasn't been tripped.
The Connect button LED is flashing orange
  • One of the SIMs is not working. Your alarm unit will automatically switch to the second SIM - you do not need to do anything.
The Connect button LED is flashing red
  • Contact Taking Care immediately as any alarm call will not work.
Insufficient range between your in-home alarm unit and alarm pendant
  • Ensure that your in-home alarm unit is not located close to any electrical devices, try moving it away to see if the range improves. Try moving your in-home alarm unit to a more central location. For example, if a house has a large front garden, then placing your in-home alarm unit at the front of the house will achieve the best range throughout the house and garden.
  • Please re-check the cellular range again after you have moved your in-home alarm unit.
Your personal alarm is stuck in a loop when trying to connect
  • Press and hold the power button on the alarm base unit until you hear four beeps. 
  • The alarm base unit will then power off.
  • Press the power button to turn the alarm base unit back on.