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Personal alarm<br>warranty included
Personal alarm
warranty included
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Award winning
24/7 service
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Are you or a loved one at risk of a fall?

Every 10 seconds, a loved one in the UK has a fall. Find out your risk score in 2 minutes.

NHS Heroes Personal Alarm Package

NHS staff discount: Save £50 on set-up

Peace of mind to ensure your loved ones can get help in the event of a fall or any emergency.

You can also refer patients to our Home & Well service.

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Over 70,000 happy customers. Read our Trustpilot logo reviews.

Peace of mind for you and your family

To show our thanks to NHS staff, we have reduced our personal alarm set-up cost to just £35.81 (£52.97 including VAT) when you use your exclusive NHS discount code.

We've also waived our monitoring subscription until 1 month after you sign-up. We hope this offer will provide you with peace of mind that your loved ones can get help 24 hours a day, even if you cannot be with them.

  • When your loved one presses the pendant's alarm button, they are quickly connected to our UK based 24/7 Emergency Resolution Centres.
  • The team will know who they are and where they are calling from. They will have any medical details and emergency contacts shared with us.
  • No alarm call goes unresolved. The Emergency Resolution team will speak to your loved one via the alarm unit and co-ordinate help, any time of the day or night.
  • Our friendly, professional team will get help to resolve any emergency, such as falls, cold callers, intruders or fires by calling nominated family, friends or the emergency services.

Elderly alarm package

What our customers say...

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Help at the touch of a button

  • Enter your NHS discount code when you checkout to save £50. We'll charge an initial £35.81 (£52.97 including VAT).
  • This includes your set-up fee and one month's subscription. Most customers are exempt from paying VAT on their orders.
  • If you change your mind, or are not fully satisfied, contact us within 30 days to cancel and we will refund the full amount.
  • You won't be billed for any further monthly alarm monitoring subscription until a month after you sign-up, unless you cancel.
  • After the 1 month period is up, the alarm monitoring subscription is just £16.81 a month (£20.17 including VAT).

The personal alarm is easy to set-up, simple to use and reliable. With an average alarm call response time of just 5 seconds, you and your family will have peace of mind that help can be quickly coordinated in an emergency. *

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Personal alarm service features

5 seconds average response time *

5 seconds average response time *

Get help quickly in any emergency by pressing the emergency button on the pendant or alarm unit.

Works in the home or garden

Works in the home or garden

Designed to fit around your loved one's life, our life-saving personal alarm works in the home and garden.

Simple to use and reliable

Simple to use and reliable

The personal alarm has one large, easy to press button that quickly connects to our Emergency Resolution Centres. 

No long-term contract or hidden charges

No long-term contract or hidden charges

30 day money back guarantee, unlimited alarm calls and no long-term contract. Includes free delivery.

Comfortable and discreet

Comfortable and discreet

The personal alarm comes with  a wristband and pendant cord so you can choose how you wear it.

Long battery life

Long battery life

No need to remember to charge the pendant. It has a long 5 year battery life and low battery warning.

Waterproof alarm pendant

Waterproof alarm pendant

Waterproof up to 1 metre for 30 minutes so you can wear it in the bath or shower. 

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

If you have an equipment fault or if your pendant battery needs replacing, we will fix the issue, free of charge.

Monthly subscription cost

This offer is available to all NHS staff. Simply enter the NHS discount code you have received to save £50 on the set-up cost. You won't be charged for monitoring until a month after you sign-up.

The monitoring can be paid by you or the alarm user by Direct Debit.

One-off set-up fee £35.81
(£52.97 including VAT)
First month Free
After first month £16.81 per month
(£20.17 including VAT)
Next working day delivery Free

Please note, some customers prefer our personal alarm annual subscription plans. However, the NHS discount code and 1 month free does not apply to the annual subscription plan option.

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You may not need to pay VAT on your personal alarm

If you, or the person you are buying the alarm for, have a condition that requires regular medication or are registered disabled then you may be eligible for VAT exemption.

In fact, 94% of our customers do not pay VAT on their orders - find out more.

If you think you qualify as VAT exempt, you can select this option when ordering online and we'll ask you to provide some details.

How to pay for your subscription
The subscription for the monitoring service is paid by Direct Debit.

1. Click Buy Now to choose the monthly or annual subscription plan.

2. You can choose how you would like to pay the set-up cost and first subscription payment.

You can either pay by debit/credit card and set-up the Direct Debit instruction later. Or you can choose to include the set-up cost in your first Direct Debit payment.

3. Once your order is confirmed, please complete the Direct Debit form.

4. Your confirmation email will also include a link to the Direct Debit form in case you, or the person paying the Direct Debit, are unable to complete the form immediately.

Frequently asked questions

  • I don't know my NHS discount code. What can I do?

    If you don't know your NHS discount code then give our team a call on 0800 916 0551 Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm.

    We may ask you to verify your NHS employment status to ensure this offer remains exclusive to NHS staff.

  • Do I need to pay VAT?

    Possibly not, which could you save you another 20% on your order! If you, or the person you are order for, has a condition that requires regular medication, are chronically sick or are registered disabled then you may be eligible for VAT exemption. 

    For the purposes of the VAT relief, you are chronically sick or disabled if:

    1. You have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities.

    2. You have a condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes.

    3. You have a terminal illness.

    When ordering online, select the VAT exemption option at checkout. You’ll be asked to describe why you are eligible for VAT exemption before you complete your payment. You can find more information on our VAT exemption page.

  • Can I use the personal alarm in the garden?

    Yes, it works up to 75 metres

  • Can I use this alarm if I don't have a telephone landline?

    We offer a landline and 'Landline Free personal alarm' model. They have the same features but the 'no landline' version uses a multi-network SIM card, so it is perfect for customers that don't have a telephone line in their home. If you would like to order the 'Landline Free personal alarm' model, give call 0800 916 0551 to take advantage of the NHS Heroes offer.

  • Can you set-up the personal alarm for me?

    Yes, one of our friendly advisors can set everything up for you, test your personal alarm and show you how it works. Simply add our installation service to your order when you purchase online. If you order a key safe, they will fit that too. We’ll be in touch within 1 working day to arrange a suitable time and date for the installation. The installation service costs £99 (£118.80 including VAT). 

  • What is included with my personal alarm order?

    Included in your order is the personal alarm pendant, a neck and pendant strap, a personal alarm base unit, power adapter, telephone lead and welcome guide. An easy-to-follow user guide will show you how to connect your personal alarm.

  • What is included in the subscription?

    The subscription includes 24-hour monitoring by our Emergency Resolution Centres. We have three UK based Emergency Resolution Centres, so you can be confident that alarm calls will be answered any time of the day or night, 365 days of the year.

  • Is the delivery, warranty and repair service really free of charge?

    Yes! We don’t charge for delivery and we include next working day delivery for orders received by 1pm, Monday – Friday to all postcodes in England and Wales. For those areas of the UK that we cannot deliver to within 24 hours, we offer a 48 hour delivery instead.

  • What is covered by the lifetime warranty?

    If your equipment develops a fault or stops working at any time whilst you are a customer, we will either repair or replace the equipment for you. If the pendant alarm battery needs replacing, then we'll change that too. There is no charge for this service.

  • Can I have more than one pendant?

    Yes, you can add another pendant for anyone living at the same address, or for use as a spare, for just £35 (£42 including VAT) with no on-going additional charge. 

  • Can I use the personal alarm service if I am deaf?

    Yes, you’ll need to be set-up with ‘Type talk’ or ‘Next Generation Text’ for us to be able to contact you, or alternatively we can contact your chosen keyholders.

  • How do I set-up the Direct Debit subscription?

    You can set-up the Direct Debit when you order online. Either choose to pay the set-up cost and first subscription payment by debit/credit card and complete the Direct Debit instruction later. Or you can choose to include the set-up cost in your first Direct Debit payment.

    You’ll be asked to complete the Direct Debit instruction form once you have submitted your order online. Your confirmation email will also include a link to the Direct Debit form in case you, or the person paying the Direct Debit, are unable to complete the form immediately.

    If ordering by telephone then the Direct Debit instruction will be set-up over the phone with you by one of our sales advisors.

  • What if I want to the set-up costs and someone else pay the subscription?

    No problem! Many of our customers order on behalf of family members who want to pay the subscription themselves. Simply pay by debit/credit card online for the set-up and first subscription payment. Your confirmation email will include a link to the Direct Debit instruction. The person who will be paying the subscription can use this link to complete the Direct Debit instruction or call our Customer Services team, 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 085 7371.

  • How do I provide you with my emergency contacts?

    Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an email with a link to an online account setup form. Please complete and submit this form so we know who to contact in an emergency. If you prefer, you can provide this information by calling Customer Services on 0800 023 4301, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

    We’ll also ask for some other details so we can provide the best possible response, including medical details and your key safe code and location, if you have one.


Why choose our personal alarm service?

Taking Care (PPP Taking Care Ltd) has been providing personal alarm services for more than 30 years. Since 2008 alone, we have helped 170,000 people stay safe in their homes, supporting customers and their families across the UK.

We are the first Which? approved personal alarm provider in the UK and we undergo a stringent annual audit by the Telecare Services Association (TSA), so you can be confident you'll receive the first-class service you deserve.

Unlike other providers, we do not outsource our staff and we have three UK based Emergency Resolution Centres with expertly trained response teams providing a 24-hour monitoring service.

With an average alarm call response time of just 6.2 seconds, you can be confident of getting help fast. We are committed to being a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation and the Emergency Resolution Centres have a proven track record of supporting people with dementia.

We're part of AXA Health, a leading UK private healthcare company with over 82 years’ experience of providing healthcare products and services.