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How to keep your older parents safe at home

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March 30, 2021

Care solutions for elderly parents

Calculate your loved one's risk score

Complete our 2 minute questionnaire to receive personalised care recommendations based on an assessment of your loved one's circumstances.

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The coronavirus pandemic – and subsequent national lockdowns – has made many of us increasingly concerned about our isolated family members.

This worry is particularly prevalent amongst adults aged 40 and over and have older parents or loved ones who are living alone.

Older generations have been forced to adapt to technology in the last year – with FaceTime, Zoom, messaging apps and social media becoming vital lifelines to help keep families connected. This has resulted in a positive attitude shift towards tech among elderly people: they’re now seeing and understanding the many social benefits tech can provide.

41% say their parents would agree to use non-intrusive technology if it gave their families reassurance.

Survey via OnePoll, February 2021 **

Lockdown restrictions are easing, but you may still be worried about an older loved one’s future post-pandemic – and wonder how you can support them when you’re not around.

This is where technology-based solutions come in.

26% want to use remote monitoring to care for their parents


How can technology help your parents stay safe?

There are so many things that may worry you about a loved one living alone. You might be concerned that:

  • They’ve become less active and are spending most of their time sedentary.
  • They aren’t eating as much as they should.
  • They’ve left doors open at night.
  • They’re visiting the bathroom more often.
  • They aren’t sleeping as much as before.
  • They’re becoming forgetful.

There are sophisticated tools that can give you real time, around-the-clock updates on your loved one’s daily routine, and alert you to anything concerning.

There are also simpler personal alarm solutions that your loved one can use to get help if they fall, feel unwell or are distressed, without feeling like they are a burden to family and friends.

With such a variety technology available, how do you know which is the right solution for your loved one?

53% want to know more about technologies that allow them to monitor their parents wellbeing


How to keep your loved one safe and independent

Take our 2 minute questionnaire to find out more about home care technologies, and which could be the best solution for you and your loved one. 

Based on your answers, we will calculate a score that may indicate the level of care support they need and suggest ways to reduce the risks to their independence and safety.

You will receive personalised care recommendations and a free care solutions guide.

Calculate your loved one's risk score

Complete our 2 minute questionnaire to receive personalised care recommendations and a free care solutions guide.

Get your risk score

Guide to using technology to live independently
** Anthropos and OnePoll survey completed in February 2021. The results are from 2,000 adults aged 40 and over who confirmed they have elderly parents.

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