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ISO 9001 Accredited
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Home and Well

Home from hospital telecare service

Extra support to help your patients stay safe in the home they love

Support your patients to stay safe at home during this difficult time with our Home and Well service.

Our professional services can help your patients cope with the current circumstances and loneliness caused by lockdown, or if they’ve recently been discharged from hospital. The service includes:

  • Our life-saving personal alarm service, including alarm pendant and base unit.
  • 24 hour monitoring so they can get help fast in an emergency.
  • Weekly well-being call for six weeks.
  • Access to AXA Health’s medical and medication information service, staffed by qualified nurses and pharmacists.***
  • Save £34 on set-up, plus 30 day home trial and 1 month free monitoring.
Home from hospital telecare package

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Home and Well features

Personal Alarm Service

Pressing the pendant’s alarm button will quickly connect your patient to one of our 24/7 UK-based Emergency Resolution Centres. They will know who is calling and from where and will talk with them via the alarm unit speaker.

The Emergency Resolution Centre will call their emergency contacts or the emergency services if medical attention is needed.


Home and Well Calls

We will call your patient once a week for the first six weeks of the service at their preferred time and day. A regular chat on the phone can make a big difference when people are living alone, especially if they are worried or not feeling 100% themselves.

The purpose of these calls is to provide some conversation and to listen to any concerns your patient may have. We will then signpost them to the appropriate service if required.


Medical Helpline***

Your patient and their family can speak to one of our qualified nurses about any health or well-being concerns they may have.

Our nurses are specialists in conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease and can also deal with queries relating to minor injuries and pain management.


Medication Information Service***

Our trained pharmacists are on hand to answer any questions your patient and their family might have or to give more information about their medication and prescriptions.

They can respond quickly to queries including side effects, drug interactions and dosage information. They can also provide guidance on treating common ailments and managing pain with over-the counter remedies.

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Special offer: 1 month free monitoring

Our Home and Well service includes a 30-day no-obligation home trial and 1 month free monitoring.

It’s easy for your patient to set-up their personal alarm following our user guide. We also offer We-Connect, our installation service that includes set-up and demonstration.

Self-Connect We-Connect

Initial set-up

One-off registration and set-up

£35, save £34
(£42 including VAT)

£134, save £34
(£160.80 including VAT)


Next working day delivery *

Free Free


Includes 24 hour monitoring, wellbeing calls and helplines

£17.34 a month
(£20.81 including VAT)

£17.34 a month
20.81 including VAT)


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Many customers are eligible for zero rating if they are registered disabled or have a condition that requires regular medication such as arthritis, diabetes, or high blood pressure. VAT will be added at 20% where the customer is not eligible for zero rating. We-Connect is not available in Scotland.