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Advanced personal alarm with fall detection now available!

We're delighted to announce the launch of Taking Care Anywhere, our newest personal alarm and one of the most advanced personal alarm solutions available today.

December 30, 2020

New personal alarm with Taking Care packaging

Traditionally, when choosing a personal alarm option, customers have been limited to choosing between an alarm that works within the home and garden or a GPS enabled alarm that works well out and about, but may not provide the most reliable service inside the home.

These limitations often lead to personal alarm users feeling like they are restricted to staying at home in order to stay safe or having to purchase an additional device and then remembering to swap alarms in order to venture out of the house.

That's why we teamed up Chiptech International to develop a personal alarm package that gives you total freedom to do what you love, with the peace of mind that help is on hand wherever you are.

Taking Care Anywhere is the first personal alarm package to combine two digital devices: a GPS location aware pendant and a digital in-home alarm system.

Both of these devices work together to allow you to have the freedom to go out and about whilst wearing the GPS location aware pendant, which includes a built-in elderly fall alarm. When you return home, the same pendant will then automatically connect to the fully digital base unit for complete peace of mind at home.

The digital base unit alleviates the worry of poor signal or mobile blackspots at home and you never need to remember to change devices as it will automatically connect to the GPS location aware pendant whenever it is in range.


Steve Gates, Managing Director of Taking Care, said:

“We recognise that many people who could benefit from a personal alarm still want to be active and independent outside of the home. We have worked closely with Chiptech to create an alarm solution that gives people freedom to do what they love with the reassurance that they can still get help if they need it.”

David Hammond, CEO UK of Chiptech International Limited, said:

“Chiptech are delighted to be working with Taking Care to provide a package that allows people to be independent inside and outside the home with the safety of the 24/7 Taking Care Emergency Resolution Centre. The digital solution provides a resounding “Yes” to some of the most common feedback requests, “Can I wear my pendant down the shops and at home” and “Can I speak through my pendant”.

Find out more about Taking Care Anywhere, our new personal alarm and GPS tracking device for the elderly, and the peace of mind and security provided by this advanced personal alarm.


Taking Care Anywhere

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Independent living products brochure

Learn how personal alarms and home monitoring solutions can keep you or your loved ones safe and independent at home.

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