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CPR Guardian Watch now available

Taking Care, providers of the life-saving 24/7 personal alarm system, have teamed up with CPR to add the award winning GPS enabled Guardian Watch II to their monitored product offering.

July 02, 2020

Elderly lady wearing CPR Guardian Watch on her wrist

Smartwatch for the elderly with monitoring and GPS tracking

Many of us value spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, visiting friends or getting out and about. The independence and freedom to go out when we want to is something we may take for granted. However, for some older people or those with serious medical conditions, leaving home without help could become dangerous and even life threatening.

Recent events have highlighted how important it is for older and vulnerable people to have a strong network of care. A personal alarm such as the Guardian  Personal Alarm Watch is a wonderful option for providing people with extra support and reassurance that help is always available when it’s needed most.

Personal alarm watch

Providing a smartwatch with personal alarm monitoring

Steve Gates, Managing Director of Taking Care, said:

“We recognise that many people who could benefit from a personal alarm still want to be active and independent outside of the home. We have worked closely with CPR to come up with a fully monitored, GPS enabled alarm solution that gives people freedom to do what they love with the reassurance that they can still get help if they need it.”

The CPR Guardian Watch II is a stylish personal alarm watch for the elderly which features SOS calling straight through to Taking Care’s highly trained Emergency Response Team at one of the three UK based Emergency Resolution Centres:

  • When the SOS button on the watch is pressed, a member of the team will speak to the wearer via the watch.
  • They will quickly arrange help by alerting emergency contacts or, if necessary, the emergency services.
  • The GPS tracker allows the response staff to see exactly where the wearer is located and get help to them quickly, even if they are not sure where they are.

    Keeping customers connected with loved ones

    As well as SOS functionality, the watch can make and receive phone calls and voice messages just like a mobile phone. Contacts can be added to the watch via the free app and the wearer will then be able to call or send voice messages to these people from the device any time they are out and about.


    GPS, geo ringfencing and health monitoring features

    Friends and family members can also access the easy to use app in order to view GPS location, monitor the wearer’s heart rate or set up geo ring-fencing to receive an alert whenever the wearer leaves or enters a certain location, making it ideal for those suffering with conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

    Being able to keep an eye on a loved one’s heart rate and have reassurance that they can access help easily gives great peace of mind to both the wearer and their family.


    How to buy the CPR Guardian Watch with alarm monitoring

    Taking Care offer the fully monitored Guardian Watch for under £20 per month (£23.99 including VAT) after the initial set-up cost. The monthly subscription includes the cost of the monitoring services, the sim card, along with unlimited calls and voice messages made from the watch. 

    Order the Personal Alarm Watch online.

    Personal alarm watch

    Smart watch features

    The CPR Guardian ii from Taking Care includes:

    • 24/7 SOS system with 24 hour monitoring provides support in case of an emergency, including falls and illness.
    • Smartwatch technology combined with a professional personal alarm monitoring service. Get help any time of the night or day, even if your friends and family are not available, from Taking Care's trained, professional monitoring team.
    • GPS location tracking sends this information to the monitoring team so they can quickly identify the location of the device in an emergency.
    • Works inside and outside of the home. The GPS tracking watch includes a CPR Chameleon SIM card that intelligently switches between networks to find the strongest signal provides wide coverage.
    • Configure virtual geo zones around a radius that triggers an alert if the wearer moves outside of this location.
    • Includes heart rate monitor that will send a warning if the heart rate drops below 30 beats per minute.
    • Makes and receive calls just like you can using a mobile phone to contacts stored in the watch's phone book.
    • Waterproof so the smartwatch can be worn in the shower or bath.
    • Long battery life of around 48 hours with low battery notification.

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    Independent living products brochure

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