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How to set-up and use your Taking Care Anywhere

Your Taking Care Anywhere personal alarm includes a user guide that shows you how to set-up and use your pendants and base unit.

You can also download the user guide in PDF format and view our Frequently Asked Questions about Taking Care Anywhere.

If you have any problems, our Customer Service team is just a phone call away on 0800 085 7310 - we are here to help.


Step one

Choosing where to put your alarm pendant charging base

It is important you position the charger for your GO alarm pendant somewhere you can get good cellular network strength with a flat surface, for example near a window.

Charging your GO alarm pendant from a low battery will take approximately 3 - 5 hours and it will need a charge approximately every 1 month with regular use. 


Step two

Turning on the power

  • Ensure the mains power is switched OFF
  • Plug the charger into a mains socket and switch ON
  • The charger base will light up blue then go off ON
  • Place your GO alarm pendant on the charger base with the walking symbol facing upwards. The charger and GO alarm pendant will illuminate to indicate charging has started
  • If your GO alarm pendant has automatically updated whilst charging it will flash white and will announce 'update completed' when removed from the base.


Step three

Testing your GO alarm pendant


You will need to go through a system check for your GO alarm pendant. This check informs you of the battery level, cellular strength and checks the GO alarm pendant can obtain GPS coordinates to able to log your location. 

To perform a system check press the single button on either side at the top of your GO alarm pendant. Do not press both at the same time as this will sound an alarm call. 

Your GO alarm pendant will announce the battery level first alongside a status light. 

Next, your GO alarm will test the strength of your connection to a cellular network in your location. 

Your GO alarm pendant will test location last, and only if it has successfully found a 'good' or 'excellent' cellular connection. 

If a successful cellular network check has been completed your GO alarm pendant will check its GPS coordinates can be obtained. 

Step four

Place a test alarm call

  • Perform a test call to our UK based Emergency Resolution team to let us know you are in the process of setting up your personal alarm and to check it is working correctly.
  • Press and hold both buttons at the same time on your GO alarm pendant.
  • Once you are connected to our 24 hour Emergency Resolution team the operator will answer. 
  • You will hear the operator talk through your GO alarm pendant. Let them know this is a test call for your GO alarm pendant. 
  • The operator will then welcome you to the service and check your details are correct.
  • They will then tell you to wear your GO alarm pendant and move onto setting up your in-home alarm unit (EVA) and your back up pendant (PEARL).

For full instructions on how to set-up and use Taking Care Anywhere, please refer to your user guide, available here in PDF format.