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Personal alarm
warranty included
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Browse the Best Personal Alarms

Find the best personal alarm to suit your lifestyle. Choose from in-home personal alarms including our landline free model for customers without a telephone landline. For extra peace of mind, our fall alarm package also works in the home and garden and includes a personal alarm and fall sensor.

For customers who want an alarm that works when they are out and about, Taking Care Anywhere combines the reliability of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection and the flexibility of a GPS alarm or personal alarm watch.

Our smoke detector and Safe Home Alert packages provide an extra level of monitoring to keep your loved ones and their homes safe.

Which is the best personal alarm for you?

We have a range of personal alarm systems to suit different needs and price ranges. All our alarms include 24/7 monitoring. In an emergency, our friendly and compassionate team will quickly call the emergency services or you loved ones if you need further help.

Our in-home personal alarms are designed to fit around your lifestyle, giving you freedom to relax in your home, or work in the garden. The life-saving personal alarm works up to 75 metres (246ft) away from the alarm base unit and is also waterproof so you can wear it in the bath and the shower.

Our fall detector alarm has the same features but also automatically detects falls. Should you suffer a fall, it is reassuring to know that our team have been alerted and help is on its way.

If you need that extra bit of reassurance you can get help when you are out and about then choose our Mindme GPS alarm or personal alarm watch. With GPS tracking, these alarms are fully mobile and provide peace of mind both in the home and out. Taking Care Anywhere combines the reliability of an in-home personal alarm with fall detection and the flexibility of a GPS alarm. It is one of the most advanced personal alarms available.

Keeping your loved ones and their homes safe

If you live alone or worry about the risk of smoke from a house fire, we offer a smoke detection package. It is perfect for customers who would like a little more home security and includes monitored smoke alarms, a personal alarm and free installation. Our Safe Home Alert package combines smart home sensors linked to powerful Artificial Intelligence with a personal alarm to offer an advanced home care solution.

For more reassurance and support for people living with dementia or Alzheimer's, the dementia tracker is available through our partner Mindme. It is an easy to use personal safety device that can be worn on a belt, key ring or kept in your pocket or bag.

Installation and key safes

You can also add a Police-approved key safe and installation to your order for extra support and more peace of mind. 

Our Personal Alarm Service is the first Which? Trusted Trader approved service and is supported by our three UK-based Emergency Resolution Centres. The 24 hour monitoring service they provide will give you and your family peace of mind that help is available any time of the night or day.

We've helped 170,000 people stay safe and remain independent since 2008 alone. Whichever personal safety alarm you choose, you can be assured that our Emergency Resolution Centres will answer your alarm call 24 hours a day.