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Helping Denise live independently after a health scare

How a Taking Care personal alarm helped Denise remain independent after a health scare.

July 22, 2022

How Denise uses Taking Care Anywhere

Denise is 56 years old and has several health disorders and mobility issues. Things worsened for her when she collapsed whilst out-and-about due to an undiagnosed acute kidney injury, prompting her to consider a personal alarm.

Denise now uses the Taking Care Anywhere personal alarm to continue to live independently in her flat. 

Denise wearing Taking Care Anywhere

When Denise collapsed during her walk to her local shopping centre, she was fortunate there were people around to help her and call an ambulance. The paramedics stabilised her before taking Denise to the hospital. They had to run plenty of tests to understand the reason behind the collapse and she was diagnosed with a long-term health condition. 

Denise had suffered in recent years due to poor health and the incident added to her worries. Moreover, it caused her severe distress and she did not wish to go through a similar scare again. 

To feel more secure and independent, Denise decided to get a personal alarm. Previously, Denise had a fall in the middle of the night, so she wanted an alarm with in-built fall detection that provided reassurance.

After speaking with Taking Care’s Independent Living Advisors, she decided to try the Taking Care Anywhere; a fall alarm with GPS technology that works in the home and out-and-about with monitoring provided by Taking Care's 24-hour Emergency Resolution Team.

Denise ordered the alarm with the 30-day risk-free home trial offer so she could try it out herself. 

Denise loves to watch her local rugby and football teams play and goes to a weekly beginner ballet class. 

My personal alarm provides security and safety, allowing me to go anywhere and visit anyone. I know that, even if I felt poorly in the middle of the night, help will be available at the touch of a button.

The Taking Care Anywhere personal alarm and GPS tracker for seniors is perfect for Denise, who loves to stay active. She enjoys being out of the house but wanted some reassurance for support in an emergency. The alarm also has a GPS help button that suits her active lifestyle. 

Ordering the alarm with Taking Care was very easy. I setup the alarm quite easily, and the Customer Services team were really helpful in testing my pendant with me.

Denise recommends to ask for help whenever it is needed by using a personal alarm. Support is always there from Taking Care's Emergency Resolution Team, any time of the day or night. 

Find out more about Taking Care Anywhere

Try the Taking Care Anywhere yourself with a 30-day money-back guarantee or browse the full range of personal alarms.

Taking Care Anywhere

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