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Testing your personal alarm

Why do I need to test my personal alarm?

As your personal alarm is designed to be used in emergency situations, it is essential that alarm pendants and base units are tested on a regular basis.

Testing your alarm helps you build up confidence of using the personal alarm and you get to know the Emergency Resolution team who are there to help you in an emergency. It also helps us pick up any problems with your equipment, such as a low battery.

When we speak to you, we check your details and your emergency contacts are up to date. 

It’s good to know that your alarm is still working so that if you do need us, we can be there for you.”

Hannah Wheatley
Response Operator

Emergency Resolution Team

We are here to make sure you’re safe and well. Testing the pendant allows us to keep in touch with you and make sure your equipment is working well.

Kate Hallet
Response Operator


How do I test my personal alarm?

We are currently asking customers to test their alarms on a quarterly basis. We recommend choosing an easy to remember date, such as the day of your birthday or another memorable event. You may wish to set a reminder or make a note on your calendar of when to test your alarm.

When you come to test your alarm, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Press the button on your pendant or wristband – just once. Wait a moment to be connected.
  2. The Emergency Resolution team will answer. Simply let them know you are testing.
  3. That’s it. We’ll test your alarm, make sure the signal is strong and check all is working as it should. We’ll then thank you and close the call.

Please don’t ever feel hesitant to test your alarm.

Although pandemic circumstances meant we had to reduce the frequency of alarm testing, it is important to us that you feel comfortable using your alarm. We will never be upset with you for testing your alarm or for calling us accidentally. Our Emergency Response Team look forward to speaking to you on your next test call.

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