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Using Your In-Home Classic Personal Alarm



Pressing pendant

  • The pendant works with your alarm unit.
  • When you press the button, a red light will show and the alarm will alert our 24 hour Emergency Resolution Centre.
  • The operator will know who you are and where you live, even if you cannot speak or hear them.
  • Remember to wear your pendant all the time (even in the shower), either around your neck or on your wrist so that you can always call for help.


Technical details

  •  Water resistant up to one metre.
  • Automatically gives a low battery warning.
  • Works up to 75 metres from the alarm unit.


 The light on your pendant

Testing pendant

  • When the button is pressed on the pendant it will display a small red light. If this light flashes, this mean that the pendant’s battery is low. The pendant will automatically notify the 24 hour Emergency Resolution Centre, who will contact you to arrange a replacement pendant. You don’t need to do anything.
  • In the unlikely event that the pendant does not light up, the alarm call may not have been transmitted. You must contact Customer Services on: 0800 085 7310 - as soon as possible to arrange a replacement pendant.



Base unit

The speaker on your unit is where you will hear the voice of someone calling you from the Emergency Resolution Centre.

To work properly, the alarm unit must be plugged into both a power socket and telephone socket at all times.



 1. If you need help, press either your pendant button or the red button on the alarm unit. The alarm indicator will flash red.

2. The alarm unit will announce ‘Do not worry, your alarm telephone is dialling for assistance’ and you will hear several tones as the unit contacts the Emergency Resolution Centre.

3. When an operator speaks to you through the alarm unit, explain your problem. They’ll know who you are, where you live and your medical history.

4. If the operator cannot hear you, or you cannot speak, they will call your house phone to rule out false alarms.

5. We will ask a keyholder to check on you, and if necessary contact the emergency services.


 Cancelling an alarm


Cancelling alarm call

  • If you press the red help button by accident, just wait 5 seconds and press the green cancel button on the alarm unit. The unit will not let you cancel immediately (to avoid accidental cancellation).
  • You will know your alarm has been cancelled when the alarm unit announces; ‘The alarm call has been cancelled’.


Remember to test every quarter

  • Please test your alarm every quarter. Using the day of your birthday can help you remember.
  • Then sit close to the alarm unit. Press your pendant button and speak to one of our team via the speaker on the unit.


Alarm pendant