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We're a member of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance

We are delighted to be working with the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance as we take another step towards being recognised as a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation.

August 20, 2019

Dementia friendly alarms

Many of our personal alarm customers live with dementia and our Emergency Resolution Centre regularly provides the support they need to live safely and independently. That’s why we are delighted to be working with the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance as we take another step towards being recognised as a ‘Dementia-Friendly’ organisation.

The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance are a social action movement that is making a marked difference in the community by inspiring organisations to consider their service provision.

Each member of our Emergency Resolution Centre and Customer Services teams are chosen for their compassionate and understanding nature. They demonstrate patience and provide non-judgemental help and support. They are uniquely positioned to offer practical advice to our personal alarm and dementia tracker customers, from helping someone remember where they have put their house keys to calling the emergency services to save a life.

Providing dementia friendly care and support

This supportive and compassionate approach is extended to the families of customers living with dementia, with the 24/7 monitoring service providing reassurance and peace of mind. The experienced team can spot when extra help may be required and signpost family members to additional help and support if it is required.

Dementia friends

Dementia Friends from the Emergency Resolution and Customer Service teams

Working with the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance

Becoming a member of the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance demonstrates our commitment to supporting people living with dementia. We are keen to embed dementia awareness sessions into our culture and are working with the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance to ensure we have our own Dementia Champions. Our team have been working hard to complete dementia awareness sessions with over 150 staff completing these activities already.

Gina Awad, Exeter Dementia Action Alliance Lead, says "We believe that a dementia friendly Exeter requires greater community awareness and opportunities to live well with dementia. We are delighted Taking Care are so keen to take action and consider how they can make reasonable adjustments for their staff in the future that may receive a diagnosis but still be very keen and able to continue working. Therefore, the focus would be on their strengths rather than the diagnosis itself. This is a message we are aspiring to embed across the city."

"We understand that change comes when people commit to practical actions that help build a dementia friendly community. Whilst we do not provide a direct service, we inspire and empower organisations to take action. Dementia requires a whole community response."

Dementia friendly training

Janet Craig, Taking Care’s Learning & Development Manager, is keen the dementia awareness sessions help to dispel some of the myths around the disease and is delighted with the team’s response. Janet says "These awareness sessions are already making a difference and our teams are wearing their Dementia Friends badges with pride. Coaching support from experienced managers and the Advanced Safeguarding Team is proving invaluable, as they are able to sign-post customers and family members to specialist support."

About the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance

The Exeter Dementia Action Alliance are committed to raising dementia awareness and support alliance members to develop an action plan that helps them work towards this aim.

You can find more information about the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance, and other local Dementia Action Alliance groups near you, at

Find out more about dementia-friendly alarms

There are a range of GPS devices that can help support someone living with dementia or Alzheimer's. They provide reassurance that help is available should they have an accident or be in distress.

Dementia alarms

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