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PPP Taking Care GPS Personal Alarm Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to the GPS Personal Alarm Service:


    • 1.1 WARNING - The GPS Personal Alarm Unit will require a mobile telephone network signal at the premises to access the Emergency Resolution centre. PPP Taking Care cannot guarantee a mobile network signal and is therefore not liable should the connectivity to the mobile telephone network fail.
    • 1.2 To receive the GPS Monitoring Service, you will require a GPS locating device, a roaming sim and a charger (the “GPS System”).
    • 1.3 In order to charge your GPS System you will need a 13amp electrical socket.
    • 1.4 We will provide the GPS System to you to enable you to access the GPS Monitoring Service, but you acknowledge and agree that the GPS System will remain our property at all times, unless sold separately. You therefore agree that, unless you have purchased the GPS System separately, you will:
      • i) not sell, dispose of, part with possession of, lend, lease or hire the GPS System;
      • ii) not remove the SIM card from the GPS System; or
      • iii) ensure that you use and operate the GPS System to access the GPS Monitoring Service with reasonable care and in accordance with the instructions provided.
    • 1.5 The GPS Monitoring Service is dependent upon the device being sufficiently charged and having sufficient access to both the GPS satellite network and a working data network signal. You acknowledge that we will only be able to respond to calls where these requirements are sufficiently met.
    • 1.6 Please be aware that we are not able to guarantee that the location information which we obtain from your GPS System, and which is then provided to your nominated Key Holders, doctor or the emergency services (as applicable), is accurate or up to date at the time it is provided because there may not be sufficient GPS satellite network or data network coverage to the device which can delay or prevent the device from connecting successfully to our Emergency Resolution Centre.
    • 1.7 We do not accept any liability or responsibility if we are unable to provide accurate location information.
    • 1.8 If the GPS System is used improperly and not for the purposes of a GPS Monitoring Service you will be liable for any and all charges which might accrue.
    • 1.9 In the event that your GPS SIM card is lost or stolen, you will not be responsible for any airtime charges incurred after you have notified us of such theft or loss. However, you will be responsible for any charges incurred before you notify us.
    • 1.10 If you have opted to purchase the GPS System, ownership of GPS System will only pass to you at the time we receive payment for such GPS System in full. A monthly subscription charge will apply for the monitoring and connectivity for the GPS System to allow for you to access GPS Monitoring Service.



    Last updated: 5th March 2020