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FAQs Product - Oysta NEW

I have a pacemaker. Can I wear the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm around my neck?

If you have a pacemaker you cannot wear the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm around your neck. Instead, attach the device to your belt. The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm must be kept at a minimum distance of 25cm from your pacemaker at all times. If you have any questions or concerns, we're happy to help. Call 0800 085 7371, Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm, to speak to an advisor.

Does the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm work anywhere?

It will work anywhere in the UK where there is a 3G or 4G cellular network to communicate. A GPS satellite network must be available for the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm to determine its location. GPS technology can be affected by certain atmospheric conditions, radio interference, buildings, or other forms of interference that can block device’s connection to GPS satellites. Your location information may not be available if the GPS satellites are unavailable, or the GPS signal is blocked. The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm will not work outside of the UK.

How do I make an alarm call?

To call the Emergency Resolution Team, hold down the blue SOS button for three seconds until you see “Support call in progress” appear on the screen - this means the call is being made. The button is easy to press and reduces accidental calls from the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm being knocked.

How do I add friends and family to the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm's phone book?

Oysta will call you on the day of delivery to talk you through the device and set up any contacts, reminders or safety zones that you require. There is no complicated website to use or fiddly buttons to press on the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm. If you want to change your contacts or reminders, simply call the phone number provided in the user guide. That's it! 

How do I set up notification reminders?

Oysta will call you on the day of delivery to set up your reminders that you require. Your reminders are easy to change by calling the phone number provided in the user guide. The friendly support team will change the reminders for you. 

Can I make unlimited calls from the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm?

Yes, within the limits of the fair use policy. You can have two contacts saved to the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm. These are whitelisted so only they can call your Out-and-About Mobile Alarm to prevent spam and nuisance calls. Call charges will apply when calling the device. You can call your two contacts directly from your Out-and-About Mobile Alarm.

Does the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm track my location at all times?

GPS coordinates are sent every 10 minutes and the Emergency Resolution Team can request the immediate location. This means we can accurately direct help to you in an emergency.

Does the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm detect all falls?

The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm is set to low sensitivity to minimise false alarms from every day movement and use. The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm uses an algorithm to recognise the difference between ‘hard’ falls and other movements so like many similar devices on the market, it cannot guarantee to detect all falls because it is dependent on where it is worn and the amount of shock or impact from the fall.

There are types of falls that are less likely to trigger the automatic fall detection such as falling into an object that breaks your fall or falling from an object that is not average standing height. While every effort is made to detect a significant fall from standing, there are circumstances where the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm may not automatically activate. If you are able to press the button on your Out-and-About Mobile Alarm then you should do so.

When is the non-movement alert triggered?

If the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm does not move for 7 days, a non-movement alert is sent to the Emergency Resolution Team. We will then contact you to check the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm is working correctly and that you are happy with it.

How long does the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm battery last?

The battery will last for approximately 50 hours, depending on use and settings, before it needs to be recharged. A voice message will alert you when the battery is at 20% capacity. The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm will fully charge in 1 - 2 hours.

Is the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm water-resistant?

No, it is not water-resistant so please remember to take it off if you go swimming, or in the shower or bath. If you would like a water-resistant alarm with fall detection and GPS tracking, we recommend the Taking Care Anywhere.

What do I need to start using the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm?

The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm is easy to set up and everything you need is included with your order. The Out-and-About Mobile Alarm has a 3G/4G roaming SIM pre-fitted. Oysta will call you on the day of delivery to talk you through the device and set up any contacts, reminders or safety zones that you require. 

To get help to you as quickly as possible, we recommend you have a keyholder within 30 minutes or a key safe. A keyholder is someone who has keys to your home and can come to your assistance if needed. This means there is always a way to get help to you, whenever you need it. We can supply a key safe when you order your personal alarm.

Do I own the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm?

Yes. The subscription is for the alarm monitoring service. If the Out-and-About Mobile Alarm is lost or damaged, you would need to order a replacement to continue benefiting from the 24-hour monitored alarm service.

What if I want to pay the set-up costs and someone else pay the subscription?

No problem! Many of our customers order on behalf of family members who want to pay the subscription themselves. Simply pay by debit/credit card online for the set-up and first subscription payment. Your confirmation email will include a link to the Direct Debit instruction. The person who will be paying the subscription can use this link to complete the Direct Debit instruction or call our Customer Services Team, 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0800 085 7371.

How do I provide you with my emergency contacts?

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an email with a link to an online account set up form. Please complete and submit this form so we know who to contact in an emergency. If you prefer, you can provide this information by calling Customer Services on 0800 023 4301, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

We’ll also ask for some other details so we can provide the best possible response, including medical details and your key safe code and location, if you have one.