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Staying Independent with The Telecare Technology Challenge

Mar 07, 2018

Telecare technology challenge with AXA

How AXA's awards programme will help our telecare customers stay independent

The ‘Health Tech & You’ awards programme, launched by AXA PPP healthcare, aims to improve the lives of many thanks to the support of visionaries who are shaping the healthcare technology of today.

The search for solutions includes new and innovative technology to improve health and wellbeing, and the programme is looking for individuals, start-ups and technologies that could help achieve this.

As a subsidiary of AXA PPP healthcare, Taking Care is committed to searching for new ways to provide safety and wellbeing to all our telecare customers and offer support whenever they need it.

Taking Care is contributing expertise and experience of the telecare sector to the ‘Health Tech & You’ awards programme with Managing Director Richard Turner leading the category ‘Staying Independent with Tech Challenge’, which aims to help overcome the current difficulties experienced within the telecare technology industry.

According to the statistics, there are 18 million consumers in the UK health market aged 60 and over and 97% of these do not want to go into full time care. Our goals include supporting these people to remain in their home for longer by finding new ways to improve their safety and independence.

One of the key challenges to the telecare equipment manufacturers today is providing assistance outside of the home. However new technological advances could mean our telecare customers can remain safe inside and outside their home and enjoy an improved overall eldercare experience.

Such technology will enable our customers to access long-term solutions and have a positive impact on the way they and their families live, as well as maintain our current customer satisfaction rate.


Get involved in the telecare technology challenge

You can learn about the 'Staying Independent with Tech' challenge and the AXA PPP awards programme at

You can also keep up-to-date with the progress of the awards programme by following @ppptakingcare and @healthtechyou on Twitter.


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