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Elderly care resources and advice

Articles about elderly care from Taking Care.

Elderly lady stretching her feet
May 3, 2023

Top tips for elderly foot care

We look at the importance of foot care and some top tips that family members can follow to manage their elderly loved one's foot care.

Family carer with elderly relative
March 7, 2023

Social isolation in the elderly - Tips to support your loved ones

Social isolation can be a real issue, especially if living alone. We look at tips for families and friends.

Epilepsy medical test
February 24, 2023

How to support an older loved one with epilepsy

Epilepsy is more common to develop in older adults. This guide will help you understand more about epilepsy and how to support your loved one.

old couple enjoying summer
February 2, 2023

The risks of high and low temperatures to older adults

Older adults are more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Find out more about the risk of high and low temperatures to older adults.

Elderly lady cooking
February 2, 2023

Potential causes of a change in appetite in older adults

Ageing brings physical and lifestyle changes that may cause a change in appetite.

Woman consoling sad old woman
February 1, 2023

Common causes of changes to an older adult's daily routine

Later life might bring changes in the daily routine of elderly loved ones. Read how you can help them cope with these changes.

Old man with hearing problems
January 26, 2023

Common signs of hearing loss in elderly people

We look at some of the common causes of hearing loss in the elderly to help you spot it early.

Old women enjoying a cup of tea in their home
January 17, 2023

Seven ways to provide help for the elderly at home

Learn how you can help older relatives keep safe and live a more fulfilled, independent life.