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Helping Ann live independently on return from hospital

Taking Care Safe Home Alert provides Anne's family with resssurance she is OK when they cannot be with her.

September 01, 2021

Remote care for the elderly

Daughter-in-law Elizabeth wanted reassurance that Ann was OK when she couldn't be with her. Taking Care Safe Home Alert provides Elizabeth with the insight and peace of mind she needs.

Ann is 77 years old and lives alone in her home in Swindon. She has family close by and is visited by her daughter-in-law Elizabeth twice a week.

Ann lost her husband in 2019 and in early 2020 suffered a stroke just before the Covid lockdowns started. When she left hospital, Ann received reablement support with two carers visiting 4 times a day.

As Ann lives in a small old house, the stairs were too steep for her and the house was adapted to have a wet room downstairs and a hospital bed in her front room.


Providing support to help Ann's recovery

Thanks to her determined spirit, Ann has made a great recovery and no longer needs as much care and is even getting out and about with family.

However, Elizabeth still wanted reassurance that Ann was OK on the days she couldn’t be there.

Elizabeth chose Taking Care Safe Home Alert, powered by Anthropos, to provide that reassurance.


How Taking Care Safe Home Alert helps Ann

Taking Care Safe Home Alert uses smart home sensors to monitor activity in the home and are linked to powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This provides routine insights that show subtle changes so family members can take action before a health condition or issue becomes more serious.

Elizabeth explains her experience of using Taking Care Safe Home Alert:

  • "One time I asked Ann why she hadn’t made herself a coffee for three mornings in a row. She told me the kettle was broken but that she didn’t want to bother me about it. It’s little things like that give me peace of mind."

I check the family app at least once a week and what has surprised me most is just how much habit there is to Ann’s daily routine, so actually it is pretty easy to see when something is not quite right.

Daughter-in-law Elizabeth
  • “Ann was fine with the system being installed once I explained there were no cameras. To be honest I think she has just forgotten it’s there.”

Learn more about Taking Care Safe Home Alert

With Taking Care Safe Home Alert, your loved one can remain independent and safe at the fraction of the cost of other home care solutions.

Find out more about Taking Care Safe Home Alert or book a no-obligation free home demo.

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Book a no-obligation home demonstration of Taking Care Safe Home Alert. We'll show you the equipment, explain how it works and answer your questions.

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