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The hidden sandwich generation

A growing number of working people find themselves in the so-called sandwich generation – caring for dependent children and for elderly relatives at the same time. 

February 27, 2018

Sandwich generation of carers

The emotional cost of caring for elderly relatives

As the number of elderly people in the UK continues to rise, more and more people will be under pressure to juggle work and caring commitments.

This video tells the story of Nicky who is struggling to care for her ageing father Ken, whilst balancing her family commitments and work. 


Carers UK estimate there are 2.4m people in the sandwich generation, with women making up the largest proportion of carers.

The effects of caring can be significant on physical and mental health. According to a recent Carers UK survey, 6 out of 10 carers said their physical health had worsened as a result of caring. 7 out of 10 said their mental health had suffered. 

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