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Helping James monitor his Mum's health and wellbeing remotely

James lives 600 miles away from his elderly mum but uses an innovative solution to monitor her care and wellbeing.

September 01, 2021

Remote monitoring solutions of elderly parents

James lives 600 miles away from his Mum, Dora, and wanted peace of mind that she was OK when other family members could not be with her.

Dora is 89 years old and lives alone in her own home in the Highlands of Scotland.

She has had a fall in the past and broke her hip and also suffers from vascular dementia. Nonetheless, she has a positive outlook and a mischievous sense of humour. She is however forgetful and increasingly gets confused.

She has some family nearby and her daughter, Jane, visits her every day. Her son, James, lives 600 miles away in the south east of England.


How Taking Care Safe Home Alert helps James and Dora

Dora has had Taking Care Safe Home Alert, powered by the Anthropos platform, for over a year and it regularly generates important actionable insights, including:

  • Increased bathroom visits through the night
  • Fewer bathroom visits during the day
  • Microwave oven not being used as usual
  • Temperature in the house too hot or too cold

James checks the family app every morning to see what sort of night Dora has had and to make sure that she is up and about and getting on with her daily routine.

What surprised me most at first was mama’s irregular sleeping pattern and high level of night-time activity: my sister and I had no idea that she was out of bed and wandering around her house nearly every night.

It explained why she is often so tired in the morning and during the day.


James uses Taking Care Safe Home Alert to monitor his Mum's routine and and Facebook Portal for video calling:

  • “I check the app every morning before I make a video call to her while I walk my dog. Knowing that nothing unusual has happened means that I don’t need to make every call some sort of check in."
  • “Even though my sister lives in the same village, I like the peace of mind that the app gives us when mama is alone.”
  • “And she looks forward to her morning ‘walk’ with me and the dog."

Learn more about Taking Care Safe Home Alert

With Taking Care Safe Home Alert, your loved one can remain independent and safe at the fraction of the cost of other home care solutions.

Find out more about Taking Care Safe Home Alert or book a no-obligation free home demo.

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