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Personal alarm stories: Supporting Tricia and Multiple Sclerosis

Tricia is 52 years old and has multiple sclerosis, a neurological condition. Taking Care’s personal alarm service means she can live safely and independently and continue with her studies.

November 01, 2019

Alarm for multiple sclerosis

Tricia's dog, Barclay, has been trained to provide practical assistance with tasks that may be difficult, painful or impossible to perform. Barclay has also been trained to press Tricia's personal alarm button to contact Taking Care’s Emergency Resolution Centre when she feels unwell. 

"Because I fall a lot, Barclay has tuned into me and he knows when I start to feel unwell or unsteady. Now that he has been trained to press the alarm button, it has given me even more reassurance that I always have access to help when I need it.”

Tricia explains "I once woke up blind and tried to find my mobile and was pressing any number for help. Thankfully, I got through to my friend, but it made me realise I needed further support."

"The service is fantastic. My mother and father passed away a long time ago, but I wish they’d had the opportunity to access a service like this. It would have made such a difference. I keep telling other people about the service and many of them are now using it."

Using a GPS personal alarm

Tricia also uses Taking Care's GPS personal alarm, which the Emergency Resolution Centre can track to locate her if she needs help when she is out and about.

"Having both devices, plus the invaluable support from Barclay, has given my son so much more reassurance. He obviously worries about me, but having this level of support, allows me to live safely and independently and continue with my Foundation Art and Design Degree at West Dean College."

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