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Personal alarm stories: Help and support during coronavirus lockdown

Lynn's Mum was able to call for help using her personal alarm during the Coronavirus lockdown.

July 14, 2020

Help for elderly during Coronavirus Lockdown

Taking Care helped Lynn's mother when she fell whilst home alone during lockdown.

"Unfortunately my 89 year old mother lives on her own and fell in her bedroom during the lockdown."

Lynn say: "She has worn a Taking Care personal alarm for the past 4 years and was able to call for help immediately by pushing the alarm button she wears on her wrist."

"Having assessed the situation and reassured my mother help was on its way, the Emergency Response Centre called me and I was able to be with my mother within 10 minutes."

"As mum was unable to stand I called 111 but their lines were so busy I was still waiting over an hour later."


Using the Medical Support Helpline

"At this point, Mum was becoming very distressed as she was still on the floor. I then called the Taking Care Medical Support Helpline to see if they could assist."

"My call was answered within 30 seconds by a lovely nurse called Rhianna."

"I explained the situation and Rhianna guided me through an injury assessment that enabled me to move my mother safely on to her bed. Rhianna also suggested that my mother had an injury to her hip or pelvis that would need to be x-rayed."

"I called 999 who understandably advised there could be a long wait but at least Mum was now more comfortable in bed and able to start recovering from the stress of the event. She was still in a lot of pain so I called the Taking Care Medication Helpline and spoke with a pharmacist who confirmed it was safe to give her paracetamol to relieve some of the discomfort but not Ibuprofen due to her other medications."

"The combination of the three services provided by Taking Care helped my mother immensely by providing her with fast support. It gave me the guidance I needed to help her at a time when the emergency services were unable to assist quickly due to the Coronavirus pandemic."

"The services provided by Taking Care were invaluable to us both. My mother had suffered a pelvic fracture and as my sister and I have elected to care for her at home during her recovery, I am very reassured to know that I can make a call to the medical helplines if we need any guidance."

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