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Safe Home Alert: How smart homes can help the elderly

How can you provide elderly care for someone living at home? Connected smart homes might be the answer.

February 05, 2021

Connected smart home devices

Reading time: 4 minutes

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Safe Home Alert package, a monitoring system for the older adults that uses smart home technology. We look at the role smart home technology can play in supporting your loved one and the benefits of Safe Home Alert.

As we grow older, the majority of us want to continue to live in the homes we cherish and that are full of happy memories. The challenge for many families is providing the level of support our loved ones need to do so safely and independently. If you cannot be with your loved ones as much as you would like, particularly during the Covid pandemic, then it can be worrying not knowing what is happening day-to-day. 

Safe Home Alert



Affordable home care solutions

Comparing home care solutions can be confusing and in-person care can be expensive and daunting.  By taking advantage of developments in Technology Enabled Care, smart home devices can provide an alternative solution at a fraction of the cost of in-person care.

Technology like smart home sensors has an important part to play in how we care for older relatives or those with chronic health conditions.  In the UK alone, there are approximately 3.6 million people aged 65 and above who live on their own. This number is expected to continue to rise, which creates a concern for the mental and physical well-being of our ageing population, both amongst families and healthcare professionals.

smart sensor

Smart homes for older adults have great potential to offer unobtrusive monitoring of health and wellness, whilst allowing loved ones to remain independent in the homes they love. Smart home sensors help carers and family members identify and predict problems by monitoring changes in routine.

Compare home care solutions


How can a monitoring system help you care for an older person?

Our new Taking Care Safe Home Alert is a package of home sensors that are monitored 24/7 by our Emergency Resolution team. The sensors are linked to powerful AI (artificial intelligence) that can build an accurate picture of a loved one’s daily routine and identify potential problems.

The package combines home monitoring with a personal alarm service. The 24/7 Emergency Resolution team receive automated emergency alerts of an issue that needs immediate attention, as well as emergency alarm calls from your loved one if they have a problem.

Connected home alarm


What emergencies can a smart home solution detect?

If Safe Home Alert detects an emergency alert, our Emergency Resolution team is notified automatically. Emergency alerts detected include:

  • No movement at the time of day when a loved one would usually be up and about.
  • No movement in areas considered high risk. For example, the risk of slipping in the bathroom is higher than other areas of a house. If your loved one has gone into the bathroom and not returned, the sensors can send an alert.
  • The front door left open after going to bed.
  • The room temperature is too hot or cold, indicating a window has been left open or the heating has not been turned off.


What health insights can a smart home solution detect?

With Taking Care Smart Home Alert you can see changes to your loved one’s routine with insights viewed via a secure website. These insights can show changes in their daily routine you may not be aware of and could indicate they need more support.

Smart sensors detect:

  • Reduced use of the fridge, microwave or kettle, which may suggest your loved one is not eating or drinking as much as they should.
  • Changes in activity during the day or night, which may suggest they are become less mobile or have emerging health conditions.


What technology do smart home solutions use?

Taking Care Smart Home Alert uses motion sensors, room temperature sensors, door sensors, a fridge sensor and smart plugs to monitor activity around the home. An Artificial Intelligence platform analyses data from these devices and produces alerts and insights.

The sensors use wi-fi to communicate with a base unit. The data is securely transmitted to the AI platform using broadband technology.

This clever technology doesn’t mean it is difficult to set up though: Taking Care will set up and test the equipment for you as part of the service so you don’t need to worry. There’s no wiring or electrical work either!

smart home installation


Meeting the needs of older adults

We know from talking to our customers that families want an increased level of re-assurance at a time when many are worried about isolated and shielding loved ones. Steve Gates, Managing Director at Taking Care said:

“Our customer feedback shows this is a very important goal when it comes to helping older adults live in their own homes for longer. Safe Home provide support that will ensure family awareness of any changes in patterns of behaviour and with access to Taking Care’s 24/7 emergency resolution services in the event of an accident or fall.”

With restrictions being applied to those aged over 70, including potentially needing to self-isolate for weeks, or months, being able to provide families with reassurance and insight has never been more important.

Find out more about Safe Home Alert and how we can provide a technology enabled care solution for you.

Safe Home Alert


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