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New research reveals the importance of the right elderly care

An independent study published by the Live-in Care Hub shows elderly people experience better health and well-being staying at home, rather than moving to a care home.

March 26, 2019

Elderly care at home

The "Better At Home 2019" research report examines all full-time care options for older people. It looks at their advantages and disadvantages, what factors influence care choices, and average costs.

Major new research for 2019 has been published by the Live-in Care Hub, a non-profit organisation, in partnership with the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU), a leading social care research group.

This independent study has disclosed data that shows elderly people are better off in terms of health and well-being staying at home and being looked after by a professional carer rather than moving to a care home.


Comparing elderly care options

With professional live-in care, older people experience a third fewer falls and half as many hip fractures than they do living in a care home. This challenges the assumption that a care home is the best choice for older people unable to look after themselves.

Falls amongst the elderly may seem innocuous but are one of the major health concerns for older people. Falls account for nearly 40 per cent of ambulance call-outs for people aged 65+ in England and Wales.

Older people often experience a loss of independence and confidence after a fall and can become housebound. This creates a vicious cycle because they become anxious about having another fall and may reduce their level of activity. This can make people physically weaker and even more vulnerable to further falls.

Yet with the right help and support older people can continue to enjoy life in their own home indefinitely. This can make a real difference to elderly people, their families and communities.


The "Better At Home 2019" report

Professional care at home is helping to raise the quality of elderly care across the UK and as live-in care becomes a more widely recognised option, and its benefits better understood, older people no longer feel their only choice is to move into a care home.

The new research "Better At Home 2019" examines all full-time elderly care options for older people. It looks at their advantages and disadvantages, what factors influence care choices, and average costs.

The report provides overwhelming evidence that professional live-in care results in better health and well-being for elderly people compared to care homes. But, in addition, it reveals that live-in care is an affordable alternative suitable for most care needs, including dementia, and in particular for couples who both need care.

Choosing elderly care is a major life decision affecting health and happiness and it’s clear there are better options than a care home, so it is important to be well-informed and not to rush the decision.

The full "Better At Home 2019" report can be viewed at

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